Threshers Protest March (Drunk8????)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. I think that you should all join me and Sir Bawbag Gellduff and march on and boycott Threshers and other decent off licenses for selling goods that cause hangovers.

    I intend to petition the G8 for worldwide legislation to be introduced for alcohol to be non hangover inducing with immediate effect.

    Furthermore I want all alcohol related debt to be cancelled worldwide as it is causing MASSIVE hardship and randomly enforced soberness through out the world - A MOST unsatisfactory state of affairs.

    I am going to call this campaign Drunk8 and have gotten The Spice Girls reforming for the concert, but the lezzer one can't make it, so Yannie/lawstudent is standing in, eggs will be free to throw at her and you get a star sticker if you hit her on the head. Feel free to bring your own stones however. TATU will also be making a brief briefs appearance for those you that are that way inclined.

    All the local Harry Ramps will be there, to perform gratuitious act of depravity, for a can of the Purple Tin, and White Lightning will be free for 15 minutes.

    Rather than have a nice wristband, all the Harry Ramps will provide you with a lovely badge to commemorate the event. This will consist of a large amount of Purple Tin induced vomit on your chest. The less intelligent of you may well have to make do with Carlsberg Special Brew vomit.

    If you have any other forms of entertainment you would like to see, for example, the Harry Ramps pishing and crapping themselves on demand, or, some tag team trolley collecting by Cutaways or MDNs teams of Windowlickers, please feel free to contact someone other than me.

    Which reminds me, I believe Dale has volunteered as Entertainments Co-Ordinator.

    Just whenever you're down to your last £10, pay day is 2 weeks away, and are gagging for a drink. :)

    It'll be an ongoing thing.
  3. Every month then??? Do we need to bring old dogs with us to stroke?
  4. Nah, You'll be there. :D
  5. Eve I'm sure the attending male ARRSErs will let you stroke their dogs, we call this either a line up or bukkake party, which ever term you're more familiar with.

    Please include myself and sprog in this protest.

    Whilst I'm not actually directly afflicted at the moment I do have to suffer late night phone calls and high pitched cracked voices the next morning when I call to complain about the late night drunken phone calls.

    DD can we wear Bay City Roller typed p*ss stained trousers and purple flared collar shirts, or are you intending to get changed?

    Beebs :)

    PS did anyone notice my earlier mistake????? :oops:
  6. I'll come, and I'll bring the Skol Super!
  7. Cheap tosser. :roll: :lol:
  8. I have no idea who you mean...........
  9. Coming from someone with one of these in the loo I'd get my coat if I were you

  10. I am not anal, however after consulting a scale map of the area in question i think you could make the masterB8 and the Drunk8 event a combination thus allowing IdleAdj and his group the mass support of the drunken ARRSEs.

    Shall I mock up a route to include several drinking establishments that MIGHT get the odd bottle from those wh*res of hangovers Threshers?

  11. Hehehehehehe

    Good idea go ahead.