Three WW1 Heroes Found In Hidden Grave

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by POGscribbler, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Three WW1 Heroes Found In Hidden Grave

    Sunday, December 05, 2010

    Source: The Sun Online

    The relatives of three soldiers who perished in World War One are being urged to come forward - so the men can be buried with full military honours.

    The bodies of the Lancashire Fusiliers have been uncovered during an archaeological dig in Belgium. Experts, who were searching for the remains of 22 soldiers killed in a skirmish with the Germans near the River Lys also uncovered the Fusiliers' cap badges.

    Records have led them to name the heroes as Sgt Matthew Edgar Parkinson, a machine gun instructor from Rusholme, Greater Manchester, Private Henry Pulford, 25, of Bradford, and Private James Rowan, from Wigan. The trio served with the 2nd Battalion.

    But the Ministry of Defence insists they must be formally identified before they can be given a proper send-off - and the only way to do that is using DNA. Lieutenant Colonel Mike Glover, curator of the Fusilier Museum in Bury, said: "We are trying to track the relatives of the three. If we can find them we will ask the MoD to agree to DNA testing. If the identities of the men are established, they will be re-buried with full military honours at a military cemetery in Belgium.

    "The MoD would pay and the regiment would be represented at the funerals. If they cannot be definitely identified the bodies will still be reburied at a cemetery but marked 'Unknown'." The Lancashire Fusiliers lost 13,642 soldiers in WW1.


  2. Hope their descendants do come forward, it would be right and proper for them to be identified. I am grateful that both my Grandads came back alive, one of them was a bit shaken by it all, but the other one seemed not to be affected, but who knows what demons he saw at night.
  3. My
    Great Grandad was Lancashire Fusiliers. He was invalided out after being wounded by artillery. His Battalion was one of the Bantams Bns for shorter than average men.

    Whether or not these men are formally ID's I am sure RRF/CWGC/RBL will see to it they are laid to rest in the appropriate manner.
  4. Like they did for the other 900,000. Sometimes I wonder if there is a specific test for civil servants to ensure that only those devoid of intelligence get in.
  5. Which records would indicate it is those three men.
    War diary perhaps?
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    fixed that for you one.

    ( and God rest the Fusiliers)

  7. I thought war diary. The info in them can sometimes be surprisingly useful. My Gt Uncle, William Davis was killed by shellfire while his Bn were resting behind the lines, his death is recorded in the Bn War Diary.