Three WMIKS & a Herc....

Okie Dokies, im sat watching HEAT at the moment and like many others have seen it many times before....

But the scene where they are carrying out a spot of pairs fire and manouvre throught the streets has got my grey matter turning....

If you were going to have the balls to carry out a bank job in the UK what would you use and why?

Heres what id use:

3 WMIK's - each WMIK would be crewed by 4 Ex squaddies (ARRSERS!?) Total 12 men. Each man would have Osprey and Mk 7A...personal weapon and a side arm,Respirator!..

Each WMIK would be fully tooled up - as in GPMG front mounted, 50 cal on the rear and a javelin post on at least one (reason will be explained later) maybe even chuck in a GMG for good measure!

A herc and a pilot - (someone like screaming mad murdoch from the A - Team or the pilot geezer from con air)

Choose a bank that is going to provide a vast sum of cash / gold bars etc....

Pull up, dismount half the crews go into the bank the rest provide security outside, pop a few CS caps in the bank after donning in 9....grab the cash / gold etc and load up and fuck off sharpish...

Now old bill will turn up and give chase, thing is WMIKS arent the fastest thing for a bank job, but when old bill is behind....just turn the old 50 in his direction and unleash a few rounds into the engine block....hey presto old bill truely fucked!....

Next will be India 99, the helicopter, as mentioned previously the javelin post can sort out that little problem..old bill is now truely worried....

Get to the RV with the herc, drive the WMIK's straight onto the back and take off...

I know this has so many flaws to it, but fellw ARRSER's how would you do it?
I would probably just tell them they forced me to tick a box 10 years ago and 'hand over the cash'. Seems to work for plenty of bank robbers at the minute.
Sell some cheap crap that aint soldier proof and requires millions in spares to the MOD, quids in.


Go to China and find a sweatshop to knock up a heap of "Roleks" watches.

Remember, slavery gets shit done...
Sounds a bit Wild Geese to me.

Sign on the dole and get squillions.


3 WMIK's - each WMIK would be crewed by 4 Ex squaddies (ARRSERS!?) Total 12 men.
I'm afraid you'll have to take this up with the RAF Regiment, as they are the only bods with WMIKs to spare. Oh, and you'll probably find that the Hercs are currently unvailable, although you could just try hiding in the airframes stored at Marshalls until the heat dies down.
Not that I put much thought into it but.......

I reckon you need an insider. Either one of your guys who you plant a year before or find some serious dirt on a worker and blackmail the shit out them. If you have a pretty tart in the outfit, the Bank manager could be tapped up for info. Failing that catch him boning some young broad or pretty boy or get him whilst he's sniffing copious amounts of coke up his snozzer.

On the day you need a big enough diversion to keep the 5-0 busy. I reckon half a dozen toyota corrollas parked near busy areas with fake bombs in them and some obvious references to Islam on display. A small amount of explosives in another car set off in an area with civvies will make it look like a partial detonation and will proper shit em up.

For the escape and in the event the rozzers are onto you, remote detonate smoke bombs (or burn tyre stacks) on top of buildings along the escape route to confuse the dakka dakka. For the super troopers on the road, some sort of small remote detonated roadside bombs (not aimed at killing but set off early enough to scare them off) or some road blocks such as cars in alleyways that can be rolled out into the main road to slow the pursuit. They'll soon back off!

A few vehicle swaps during the confusion wouldn't hurt either.
Persuade the skippies to lend you RP-C8020
Does it have to be wmiks pleny of Taverns snatches etc lying around awaiting deposal.
Foolish people. I'd be able to take any bank for billions and get clean away and I only need one person.

A corporate banker!
Foolish people. I'd be able to take any bank for billions and get clean away and I only need one person.

A corporate banker!
You disappoint Dingerr, I was hoping to respond to your post with 'You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors orf!'

Top tip to anyone planning a bank job, don't wear any military kit that may have your name on it... ie coveralls (if your unit insists on name badges) or NBC suits.
If you cut his hand off you could run around putting his finger prints on everything.

Just a thought.
I would have some Somalians do it and claim they didn't know it was a crime/it's part of their culture/they can't be changed because they've got kids.

In Daily Mail Land, this means everyone gets off scot-free. Also, I could pay them in chips.
Why WMIK? The armed coppers carry have more than enough firepower to fuck up your day if Osprey is all you have for protection.

Turn up in just about anything armoured, though, and they're fucked. Try using 'stinger' on a Warrior.

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