Three US hikers still held - set to be tried

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tango, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. An update to the American hikers story:

    This seems a bit strange, in my opinion, Americans hiking on the Iran/Iraq border? At the very least that displays an almost terminal stupidity. According to the same article, under Sharia law, a 'relevant' punishment for espionage charges is death, however I imagine the execution of three U.S. citizens (or the attempt to), might kick off a whole can of worms.

    Any other opinions?
  2. Haven’t the Iranians got a Nuclear scientist missing at the moment, which they accuse the yanks of abducting?

    Bit of tit for tat maybe?
  3. Possibly, but a) the Americans don't (read: probably do, but haven't made it public) have this scientist in custody. and b) They're not threatening to execute him for espionage (if they did have him, which they don't (probably))
  4. Why the hell would you go hiking in 2 unfriendly countries. Thats just asking to be nabbed, stupid twats
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  5. I will be the first to admit that my Map Reading skills arent the best and use my trusty Magellan or Tom Tom when moving around. How the hell can you be so stupid to accidently venture into two countries border that openly capture and kill Westerners.
  6. There American!
  7. Point taken
  8. And apparently their work colleagues at the CIA are missing them terribly.
  9. Rick Steeves, the American travel writer, is pushing Iran as the new destination to go for American tourists. Seems kind of risky to me. The last tour group of 53 tourists we sent enjoyed 444 days of the Mad Mullah's hospitality. :wink: But hey ho, at least it got the Peanut Fahmer out of the White House. :p {I don't think the American tourists lost any iPods during their incarceration for the simple fact that they had not yet been invented, but there were a few Sony Walkman players that had several anxious moments. :omfg: }


    The Mad Mullah Welcomes You to Iran
  10. Iran is a stunningly beautiful country and the people of Iran are (for the most part) polite, cultured and very hospitable. Unfortunately the country is run by a bunch of religious maniacs who control the police, military and the media. For all that Iran is the fourth largest oil producing country, its infrastructure, medical services and welfare structure are an absolute fiasco.
  11. I'm not familiar with the story, but was it definitely the Iran/Iraq border?
  12. The 3 US 'hikers' (FAC? :)) were definately inside Iran - no passport control, no customs, no duty free - just 'lost' whilst out for a walk on the border of their country's arch enemy.

    Their families have wished all in Iran a happy ramadam though.....
  13. CIA? Could have been worse, they could have been sponsored by Gideon International. That would have really pissed some mullahs off.