Three Thrusts and Youre Out

Apparently, Atom Egoyan's latest film has run afoul of the puritanical Americans before it even hits the silver screen..
" Where The Truth Liers " stars Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth and is a tale of murder and intrigue revolving around a comedy duo [ played by the stars ]..Integral to the plot and a pivotal moment in explaining the characters involves a graphic threesome with actress Rachel Blanchard.

according to the director he feels the scene is ' not extreme ' and ' the sex is incredibly appropriate and the way it is done is very specific to the story telling ' [ he also shot it all in one master shot so he can't ' cut away ' to lighten up the action, so to speak ] He feels thje actors were very courageous and totally professional in their ' interpetation' of the scene which is ' emotional and [ an important part of the ] plot logic of the entire film..

The US ratings Board has a different view point.. apparently there is a ' limit ' on how they interpret ' graphic ' scenes and any ' love making has an unwritten rule - three thrusts -any more and it gets snipped as possibly offending the sensibilities of the general population, etc. etc..[ this is art -not porn, you see ]...[ that's what killed Cloe Sevigney sucking off the lead in Brown Bunny [ you all remember that classic ]..

Anyway, Atom is upset at getting tagged with an NC-17 rating [ a killer in some commercial markets and a restriction on advertising, etc. etc. ] and doesn't feel that the ratings [ censors ] have given his film , which, admittedly, contains scenes of ' tough violence, nudity, lesbian encounters and drug taking ', a fair shake as it contains' adult themes ' ..

Canadians don't seem to be all that bothered by it so far.. but, then , we're a little more sophisticated than our southern cousins and don't have such a prominent ' buckle' on our Bible Belt..

Funny, that as Atom is releasing his most ' mainstream ' film to date and running into protests from the religious right, The Aristocrats - a film about 100 comedians telling the same joke - the most disgusting, scatological, sexist, racist, lewd and crude joke in the history of jokes, is playing around the country to packed houses.. When Bob Saget can get up on screen and tell the filthiest version of the filthiest joke and bring the house down with tears of laughter, you got to know that America is getting just a little off the main road...

" I guess I'm naive, I really had no idea it would be a problem " said the director..
Land of the free!

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