three things women hould not do

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by burnleybootboy, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. There are certain things in life that are probably the last bastion of manhood. However we still see ladies trying to emulate the men to prove that " Weare all the same" and sexual equality. Now don't get me wrong there are probably many things that men can't do (feckin doubt it) but thats not the thread. In fact this topic came around whilst mrsbbb and I were watching girlie football. It was she that was shouting in frustration at the screen generally at the way that the girls would run up to take a free kick then stop and kick it.
    Anyway to kick off here we go
    1 play football
    2 Play rugby
    3 Wear lightweight trousers
  2. Carry anything larger in calibre than 5.56mm or operate crew-served weaponry. It's just not right.
  3. 1. drive
    2. talk about driving
  4. Moan like a cnut when you shoot your load into there mouth or eye.
  5. Doh... Stupid boy... I'd much rather them have a 9mm than a 5.56... Please edit your post to read "faster than low velocity"

    Soldiers... :roll:
  6. Marry men.

    Men are for light entertainment and you can get that without having one stick around and bugger up your life :D
  7. Don't go there, I work with RAF.

    Please excuse me for swearing on ARRSE.

  8. ave you tasted it YUK it like lumpy sea water(WARM)!!! its no champange believe me
  9. Hmm, a preference for the 9mm; clearly you've not been anywhere close to an operational theatre lately. Ya big poofta.
  10. Do any DIY whatsoever - nor should they be allowed to 'review' the quality of DIY done by their husbands under extreme duress...
  11. Damn you sir, I just thought of that one! We've just had out bathroom refitted and me n stepdad are putting the finishing touchs to it. Fecking spiders the mother was bad. We had to send her out the room in the end.
  12. Personally I like women, alot.
  13. Aye, me too. But not in the workshop, garage, shed or any other places of male refuge. Unless theyre draped nekkid over your motorbike.
  14. One of the best layers I ever knew was a woman...and if you want an innuendo I'll give you one!
  15. no its a hell lot cheaper :D