"Three things the US Army Chief of Staff Wants You to Know"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, May 23, 2017.

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  1. Apparently the Dutch use exactly the same iq tests that they always used. The guys coming through recently scored much higher than their parents did
  2. Which demonstrates? a) the Dutch are becoming genetically more intelligent, b) the Dutch teachers are getting better at preparing the students for the test, c) other factors in Dutch youth life in general mean they are better prepared because something they do routinely that their parents didn't fits into the test structure, d) perm any or all of a-c in any combination of relative impact imaginable [aka 'we don't really know'].
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  3. With point three, I believe there is a lot of value for a population to regularly see and have some experience of its military.

    Here in Canada it seems to me that we are almost hide our military from view, and have bases way out in the middle of nowhere. When I moved here to Toronto I was surprised that you never see army vehicles on the road, and very rarely see military aircraft. I think seeing some kind of military presence gives a feeling of pride and identity something sometimes Canada is lacking.

    Outside of Ottawa our forces are anonymous.
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The US tested the WW1 draft intake. Blacks scored 5% below whites which given the way blacks were treated and the deliberate limits on their opportunities isn't surprising. US Asians scored 5% above 'Caucasians' however, in spite of any 'cultural' bias embedded in the tests 100 years ago. It may have been, however, that the Asians with the get-up-and-go to leave Asia for America were a cut above the average. Maybe some of the brightest whites had found a way of dodging the draft in the first place though I doubt enough managed this to make a real difference.

    My personal feeling is that of the Chinese manage one day to shake off the stultifying shackles of Communism their creativity will really let rip and the West will be in line to be commercially shafted.
  5. Normally first enlistment as say an 11B infantrymen goes to Ft. Benning Infantry School (And typically as OSUT- basic and MOS same time).

    But lets say you were a Mechanic who wants to be a Infantryman and are a National guardsman. You could go to Benning if slots are open, OR be sent to a RTI Regional Training Institute where a Ft Benning standard Infantry MOS course is taught.
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  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    This is easy to explain. If we take your arguments and convert them into maths... (and in the absence of coloured children's bricks or powerpoint I have to use numbers):

    British Army Regular Soldier = 10/10 (I think we can all agree)
    US Army National Guardsman = 1/10 (see movie Southern Comfort or Rambo for explanation)

    Therefore USNG = 1, then US Army Reserve must be a 2 and therefore US Regular Army = 4

    If "the knowledge/capability gulf of a Reserve and Regular in the US is a lot less than UK" is true and the delta change between US Reserve and Regular is a value of 2.

    Then the UK TA would be have to double 2 ("lot less") that so would be 4. Therefore 6/10 for TA.

    British Army Reg 10/10
    British Army TA 6/10
    US Reg 4/10
    US Res 2/10
    USNG 1/10

  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Having spent 6 years amongst our slitty eyed friends, the Chinese are quite formidable when it comes to a deal. I would happily accept they may have a higher IQ, but regardless, numbers have their own quality and they're punching out 7m grads per annum...

  8. I would like to think that the Dutch education system has made their kids brighter so they happen to be better at doing I Q tests as an unintended consequence

    As would the Dutch education minister
  9. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Sleeves, rolled or unrolled, and the form and method of rolling when rolled.

    And the Army wonders why the real world laughs at it and comes to the conclusion its run by Colonel Blimps.
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  10. Sorry but I work mainly with ranks SFC, SGM, Capt, Maj, Lt Col and Col. Some were Reserve, some were not. I didn't see an immediate distinction between a US Reg and a Reserve. Brit TA/Reserve, I did.
    So I would certainly not put a British Army TA/Reserve above a US Army regular, US/UK piss taking aside.
  11. Southern Comfort was made in 1981, Rambo first blood in 1982 (and Rambo used Canadians as National Guardsmen) but you're going to base your claim of knowledge/capability on 2 Movies made over 35 years ago as a base for describing the branch of service today?

    that's as asinine as saying a typical soldiers day in the British Army can be based on the Bofors gun, or Zulu
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  12. Ah but what we'd like to think and what we rationally aught think are often poles apart. Just read Mt Happy's post above for an example of the abuse of mathematics.