Enjoy your twilight years waiting for that knock on the door and the investigation of "historical" offences.
Sadly been there and done that mate, with no consequences at the time, but you are right the barstewards are still lurking in the woodwork.
When someone gets to the age of 70, as I have, it gives a kind of perspective,

Like not worrying any more about long-term issues, such as - will Global Warming result in the melting of the Earth's polar ice-caps, resulting in sea-level rises of 10 metres by 2100, with consequent flooding of major coastal cities.

Or - on a grander scale, what will humanity eventually achieve. Will we destroy ourselves, or go on to conquer the entire Universe. And what will the ultimate destiny of the Universe itself be - to fade out into an ever-expanding vacuity. Or collapse, then rebound into a new "Big Bang", followed by an endlessly repeated cycle of such pulsations.

None of that need trouble us - once we're dead. When you, as an individual, die and cease to exist, so, from your perspective, does the entire Universe cease to exist. What arguments can be proposed to deny this obvious truism?
Hmmn...pass the port and the Webley stuff there mate.
Had a good 34 fight run as an amateur boxer, watching the modern mixed stuff has no appeal for me, there was respect in the boxing ring in the day and that seems not to be the norm' now.
I tip my hat to you again. The old timers are often the better fighters, and I've been dropped a few times by martial artists in their 60s.
Life's too short to drink bad wine or to waste it on the ungrateful. Keep going and cherish friends.
A thoroughly well liked and respected bloke too, don't forget that Grandad

You could always cheer up?

Seriously mate, fair play for surviving all that, and I don't just mean the yellow Handbags and scummy Detmold bars
Thanks for that mucker, always cheerful that stems from being a part of the brilliant regiment as was, that we both enjoyed. I deny all knowledge on the location of any bars in Detmold your worship.
70? Look forward to shitting yourself. Horlicks and err.... shitting yourself.

That should cover it.
I managed to do that last night and I'm nowhere near 70 nor drinking Horlicks.
Three score years and ten? Bloody whinging kids.

Wake up, wiggle fingers and toes, if it all works, leap gaily from yer pit and get on with it. I expect your only regret is not having been in the 11th!
69 this year the amount of times I wanted a 69 in my younger years ehhh. good times still to come, excuse the freudian slip but I sometimes think of my mortality but most of the time just enjoy life and very glad I made it to this age. One of my grandads, his son my mums brother and my dad only made it to 36 . my mum was ecstatic when I and my brother made it past 36

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