Three samples at a CDT?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Krieg-Hammer, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. First time I got tested for a CDT was at Nanuki, Kenya where it was just one bottle I pissed in. Recently got a CDT at BATUS. I see they take three samples of Urine now. Does anyone know what each sample goes away and gets tested for?

    All I can think of are

    1. Drugs

    2. STDs

    3. I am not so sure about...(Or if you are a pisshead!)

  2. One long bottle is tested first for every drug (they don't test for STDs).

    If it is positive, they test one of the small bottles to ensure no bottles have been contaminated/tampered with. Also, the second small bottle is a spare if a bottle is lost in transit (leaks etc).
  3. That makes sense. Saves having to get someone to pee again if they test positive and makes sure they really are if the other samples come back positive also. Drugs are rife in Medicine Hat. Even in the Frankie and Benny style restaurants..... local residents are trying to offer stuff... F**k off was the normal response. Hate drug peddlers!
  4. I heard it was just to see if you could pour p1ss in to three little bottles without dribbling it all over yourself...
  5. Close, but not quite. The third sample is yours, so that you can have it tested independently in case both the samples tested prove positive, and you wish to prove them false. That is why you sign the seals, so that you are confident that the remaining sample which you get tested is a) your sample, and b) has not been tampered with. AFAIK, no-one has ever done this.
  6. Joe, it has been done, fruitless exercise though. Not cheap either, IIRC approx £600+, individual foots the whole bill including transit costs.