Three Pregnant Women

Three pregnant women are in the waiting room of the Anti-Natal Clinic, all busily knitting away, making clothes for their new additions.

The first one stops and pops a pill into her mouth. The others ask what she took and she replieid, "Calcium, so my baby has nice strong bones."

The other two nod agreement and then carry on knitting. presently, the second woman stops and also pops a pill. When asked what it was, she says, "It's a vitamin C tablet to protect my baby against colds."

All the women agree that this too is a good idea. And again continue with their knitting.

Soon, the third woman takes a pill from her pockert and swallows it. As before, the other two women enquire what it was and she repliied, "Thalydomide."

The others are shocked almost beyond words and then one manages to splutter, "Oh my God! Why on Earth are you taking that?"

"Simple," answers the third woman, "I can't do sleeves."
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