Three police officers arrest traffic officer over parking row

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Ahh nice to see the highest possible professional standards and common sense at work.

    So, PC Roderick Lund of Lancashire Plod gets detained for 10 hours over a petty residential parking dispute, his car allegedly having partially blocked his next door neighbour’s driveway. Guess what? His next-door neighbour just so happens to be a retired superintendent in the self same force. So how well does that fiasco end?

    PC Lund is awarded £5,000 damages after suing his own force for unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and using unreasonable force.

    Three police officers arrest traffic officer over parking row - Telegraph

    (Obviously Lancashire Plod may get all action when a retired superintendent bleats about a parking dispute but are untroubled by the concept of one of their own traffic officers with an illegal number plate.)
  2. It's about time retired superintendos and judges and other hangers on realised that the word retired means exactly that.

    A totally disgraceful waste of police resources, abuse of authority and a superb lesson in ******* retired officers by Inspector (but not for much longer) whatever the **** his name was. Clearly, not fit to carry the card. Time to rift these *****. And if their Traffic Div has time to send 3PCs to take ******* measurements..........was it a fatal ??? And they wonder why the public have no faith in them...*****!
  3. Mostly irrelevant question...

    What is wrong with his plates? Clearly they are private plates, but the spacing, font and colour look right to me:

  4. Right, I have never been a traffic cop but what's illegal about the number plate?
  5. What should have happened:

    Dear Mr Green (Superintendent Retd!)

    Thank you for your complaint outlining the minor matter regarding your neighbours parking. As a former Superintendent you are undoubtedly aware of how busy W Div of Lancashire Constabulary is but still choose to waste my ******* time and the time of my officers by making a mountain out of a molehill. I wonder if you would have written to me if Mr Lund had been a retired Chief Constable. Somehow, I doubt it, you sad pathetic nobody. I appreciate that your colleagues in the local Masonic Branch could cause 'difficultys' but, quite frankly, don't give a shit.

    Try treating your neighbour with the respect you undoubtedly feel is owed to you and you might actually solve this matter. Now, **** off.

    Yours etc.......
  6. Even to shift a vehicle a few feet? Sounds like the guy was being a tool for the sake of and just throwing the teddy out the pram. No sympathy for him at all.
  7. No, not a tool, a VERY astute cookie, if he had even sat in that vehicle and the knob of an Inspector thought he had been drinking that would have been game, set and conviction and then sack. What would YOU have thought when 4 cops roll up at your house, over a ******* parking disagreement???
  8. Sounds like the guy was refusing to risk being prosecuted for drink driving to me. I wouldn't get into my car in front of a Police Officer if I had the faintest inkling that I might even be 1mg over the limit. If he had moved it, and been done for being 'drunk in charge' you would have ripped into him for being a fool.

    The car was legally parked (as proved) so why should he risk it?
  9. I suspect he won't give a shit, especially with £5k untaxed in his pocket and the knowledge that he can give the finger to his egotistical neighbour every time he sees him, without fear of him complaining again.
  10. My only query is how can a 40 year old PC with THREE kids afford a Range Rover & personalised Number plates (which dont come cheap), and a detached house? Must be raking lots of "overtime" ! Or do the Lancs Constabulary have lots of "perks" for ordinary PC's, Mmm or is it just me being cynical?
  11. Just been watching Sky News.What about the three police officers in Merseyside being filmed laying into a restrained bloke on the floor..the guy on the floor has a knive wound to the head.Watching the video footage that has been shown on Sky the guy is not struggling or causing a problem.
  12. If he's a scouser who gives a ****?
  13. Because his basic pay would be just short of £38000p.a.? Add in overtime...
  14. If you have a quick look at Auto Trader you will see that the first Range Rover for sale is not dissimilar to the one in the picture and is on sale for £10,950, so most 40 year old PCs could probably afford that, wife may be working, so I think you may be being a little too cynical in this case.
  15. His wife's a brain surgeon?..rocket scientist?.. and you are not 'cynical' it's called 'jealousy'