Three Peaks Challenge

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NINJA69, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. A few of the lads are doing the Three Peaks Challenge in June in aid of the ABF and a few local charities.
    Any body done it? Any good advice regarding prep? Any views?
  2. Get seriously fit and you will have to run up aswell as down.
  3. THANKS, just put my fish and chips down to do some sit ups.
  4. Run, Oh dear!
  5. Not sure if I'm on the same weekend. Best get some walking in beforehand
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Best advice - make sure you have a good support team and drivers. I took a team of 4, and we self drove. To be honest, it was getting dangerous by the end. The climbs were not too bad, but trying to navigate and drive in between them got a bit knackering.

    Enjoy Sca Fell by torchlight!
  7. the best advice i can offer would echo the dukes words, make sure everyone is super keen to join you, help and support you. the only way you will do the challenge in 24 hours will be to have the help and support of a good medic and admin team good luck... when are you doing it?
  8. looks like your gonna have to pull your tripe out on this one, living like a lord is taken its toll...i'd blame you pti!

    u looked fat on the tv on saturday too....likable titties are for winners

  10. I'm doing the same challange in June, but for a different charity. What are your dates?
  11. Im on the same team as the Ninja, we are doing 23/24 June
  12. are you doing it as a civvy or military event?
  13. Moving_Taget_survivor thanks for the info.

    I have just come back off the biggest hill nearest to my house spending a couple of hours training and have just raided all the food in the house, so we will have to take numerous scabby horses on the trip.

    We have got some support from our unit but we have got corpoate sponsorship for most of the things we need.
    We are not trying to set any kind of records but we wont be hanging around, we have got a couple of drivers and we have all started to train.
    (THE_VET you have started to train)?

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    PFT, What you on about? I would still kick your puny butt, THE GUT IS GOING, YOUR GINGER PYABS ARE HERE FOR GOOD :D
  14. NINJA69 - I've just re-read my PM to you. ( It had all the grammatical accuracy of the Ricky Lake show)....

    PM me if you want further details.

  15. I might have a couple of scabby horses kicking about in "The Surgery". I'll bring em!