Three Murders & Five Rapes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheel, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. "Prison doesn't work"?

    They're not fooling anyone, you know.
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'lessons will be learned and put into practice'

    now where have I heard that before?
  3. If you think that's bad, you should see North of the Border; our "justice" system makes the English version look like Judge Dredd. It was a pathetic joke long before Maghrai was let out. :x

    MP's will get tough on crime when they and/or their famlies are victims on a regular basis.

    If three MP's had been murdered and five others raped, we'd have Robocop on the streets by now. :roll:
  4. Hopefully the lessons will be learnt by the dumb fecking voters that believe all the spin these twaats come out with and keep voting in these kuntz.
  5. Probably about two years ago


  6. Yup, condoms for the rapists so they don't get any itches and a flask of tea for the murders to calm them down after their next attack, need to watch their blood pressure now.

    The Lib Dems a few years ago had such logic (Sorry, cant find a link for it). Joy riders on rally driving courses and youngsters caught with firearms sent on range packages, all to teach respect and how dangerous it is. They dont get into power, but labour is and they are just as dumb.
  7. Murder, Rape...

    Just hang the fcukers.... zero chance of reoffending then, and of course the probation service can't fcuk it all up.
  8. And zero chance of making it right if the wrong person is hanged.

    Don't get me wrong: my attituded towards crime and punishment would make Gene Hunt say, "Fcukin' Hell, that's a bit harsh!" But there have been too many fcuk ups in the past where innocent men and women were jailed or even executed for crimes they did not commit.

    In cases where guilt has been proven beyond ANY doubt, for example scum like Tobin, Sutcliff, Huntley etc, by all means hang them. In fact I have no objection to these creatures being hung, drawn and quartered. Or blood-eagled for that matter. :twisted:

    For everyone else, life without parole in a prison that has only the bare necessities for survival. No luxuries of any kind. If new evidence proves a prisoners innocence he can be released and compensated.
  9. Less, of course, a deduction for bed & board, council tax not paid & so on.

    Oh arrse, they already do that!
  10. If I make a mistake at work I am held accountable for my actions and would have to justify why I made them.
    Why aren't we asking question of the parole board and prison governors that approved these releases?
  11. Ok so it's only a movie,but has anyone seen Boondock Saints?