Three more years (at least) of Bliar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. The man is completely round the twist, clinically insane. He genuinely believes that he won the election for Liabour (rather than scrabbling for the lowest vote ever won by a governing party) and that he is completely indispensable.

    Watching Channel 4's news item, it appeared that the Liabour faithful interviewed by Jon Snow were less than enthusiastic about the Celestial Navigator's intention to stay at the helm. Perhaps he has his deranged eyes on Maggie's eleven year reign. She said she would go "on and on" and she was out rather sharpish after that.

    I can't see Bliar surviving the local elections next year, let alone the Scottish Parliament elections of 2007.

    The man lives in a fantasy world and is as deluded about his position within the Liabour party (membership less than 200,000 as opposed to 400,000+ in 1997) as he is about Iraq.
  2. Sill ything is that the party faithful will still vote for him no matter what the reluctance.

    Lets look critically at the choices:-

    Conservatives.......remember what they did to the forces last time they were in power. The rich got richer and the poor were forgotten. Interest rates were the silliest in years and thousands of folk were made homeless.

    I'm not even going to consider the other party.....when they stop fence sitting maybe they will make a decision without too much trouble.

    Really best of a bad lot. Despite the days of war in the past, Maggie did some small measure of good for the forces and what they stood for. On her departure, to be replaced by the 'grey man' it all went for a ball of chalk!

    Vore for the arrse party, it does what it says on the tin! 8O
  3. I don't doubt that, at present at least, the Labour party remain the most cohesive political force in this country (England). I am stood by to vote Conservative at the next election (as I did in the last one because our local Conservative candidate is a highly experienced good egg and the Labour candidate looked about 14). The Conservatives, once they have finally found their replacement leader and hopefully completed their current round of navel-gazing with respect to the need to review their social policies, will no doubt once more become a serious opposition and a force to be reckoned with.

    The Labour party, on the other hand, seem to be going backwards fast. We seem to be witnessing the last years of the Tory government 1994-1997, but in reverse. Blair, I believe, is heading for ignominious demise, having outstayed his welcome in No 10 and outlived his leadership value to the party faithful.
  4. Well spoken Bits. His time to go is fast approaching.....he just does not seem aware of it!

  5. Bliar seems to want to use the Liabour third term for his own self-gratification: month-long holiday courtesy of Cliff Richard, Shaun Woodward and some Antony Bamford; foreign trips galore; Goebbels-like transformation of the party conference into a "Triumph of the Will".

    Meanwhile the Liabour party is in terminal decline. Even Europe, that hallowed project of such importance that he appointed his chief acolyte, is spiralling into oblivion. The UK presidency of Europe is being laughed at as ineffectual amongst the other EU states - I though Bliar may have wanted the job as first constitutional EU President, but obviously not.

    The debacle that is Iraq does not bear mentioning.

    So, in summary, as long as Bliar gets his ego-fix, his party, country and Europe can all take second place.
  6. Once The Bear asked the Monkey: when will we return Rats and Hawks from the Desert to our Forest?
    - Then their Job will be done.
    - Rather I will become a White Bear.
    - So you know the right answer.
    - Recently we defeated flying pigs and I wish to run the Forest. When will it happen?
    - Then my Job will be done.
    - ???
    - So you know the right answer.
  7. The answer is -Never

    He has no intention of ever voluntarily retiring. he really does believe , he is the Statesman for the 21st Century, and no one in the Labour Party, can see his vision. A vision which requires him firmly at the helm.

    The man has become a zealot. Not just any old zealot, but one with quite a lot of power, a vision , and who has re-discovered christianity big style.

    His wife seems to believe she is the very first lady of the United Kingdom. They are rapidly losing touch with the rest of us.

    I am greatly afeared he has no plan whatsoever for Afghanistan and Iraq, and will get us embroiled somewhere else. He really seems to be taking the "Oh something will turn up" approach. OK, if you're an incurable optimist, not ok if you are the Prime Minister.

    This man, represents the greatest danger the United Kingdom has faced since the end of the Cold War. He is dangerous, because no one can stop him now. Yes Thatcher went , Blair won't , and there will be scenes that will make Hamlet, Macbeth and Reservoir Dogs look like genteel tea parties, as Blair moves to do onto others before they do unto him. He is not going, he likes power far far too much.

    So, no one to stop him in his party, no one to stop him in opposition. It's 1933 redux. :(

    Ironic really , because when he's put under a pressure he cracks. When he's put under a great deal of pressure, he folds. The problem is, we don't seem to have any men of courage and conviction in Politics who will just say "Enough is enough, you haven't a clue, and we are going to make you accountable to the British people, by showing them just how badly you have abused our trust."

    As long as the people who could make a difference, just look after Number one, Blair will always get away with it.

    I feel quite sorry for Broon. Did he really believe that Blair would keep his word??????
  8. I think one reason for Blairs reluctance to go is his obsession with how people will remeber him. At the moment people dislike him intensely for the war in Iraq, immigration and high taxes. I don't know what he is planning but I do know that he won't go until he thinks we all like him again.
  9. I don't think he'll go until he's got another Euro-job lined up. He rather queered his pitch with Iraq so he's got to string it out until his counterparts (Schroeder & Chirac) bite the dust ... both are in trouble.

    I heard a question put to the Wicked Witch about leaving number 10 (should that be no 11 ?), and she replied in a 'long time in the future' vein. There then followed some outrageous cackling that would have graced the most hammed up opening of Shakespeare's Scottish play. I thought it was something odd added to the sound track, but on Channel 4 news there she was - with attendant rather forced cackle.

    After her '(takes out onion) my poor boy .. leaving home for the first time' charade, this shows that she might be clever in court but she's soooo transparent.

    Witches ..... buuuuuurrrrn 'em

    PS - I do hope that her performance is picked up by one or more of TV's topical programmes.
  10. Put the bong down, Sergei. :wink:
  11. I think that BLiar wil fight tooth and nail to hold on to his power as, has already been said, he honestly believes that he is the chosen one; the only man to lead us poor fools to the promised Nu Labour land. Watching Newsnight, I nearly choaked when they reviewed the front pages of todays papers. Both lefty stalwarts had pictures of BLiar in messianic poses.

    The Mirror seems to have BLiar with some kind of halo affair going on and the Guardian has BLiar, arms outstretched looking for all the world like Christ on the cross. The only difference, is that we all know, as we have been told, that BLiar is bigger than Christ.
  12. Just think though - if Brown gets in, we are definitely getting further cuts in the Armed Forces - he doesn't like us one bit. Sometimes it's better the devil you know?
  13. There are some grounds for optimism.

    Brown will obviously not be happy, and his unhappiness will be shared by the majority of the parliamentary Liabour party who remember the 50 MPs kicked out in May. It is widely accepted that if Brown was in charge, Liabour would be more popular.

    Already the knives are out for Bliar. One of Brown's allies referred to the beloved First Lady as Imelda Marcos. I would prefer a comparison with Elena Ceaucescu for obvious reasons.

    A miserable performance in next year's local elections and in the 2007 Scottish elections will see Bliar out before the rictus grin can fade from his face. There are two imminent by-elections (one MP seat and one MSP seat) and, although they are in red-rosette-on-a-dog territory, the results may prove interesting.

    I don't think Brown really cares about the Armed Forces but neither does Bliar, and Brown is less likely to join in Dubya's foolish wars and I doubt he can lie with such apparent sincerity. Also, I could watch Brown on TV without having to suppress the psychopathic fantasies involving painful murder that Bliar induces.
  14. Don't know if this helps at all, but ref the sight at the conference of Mr Brown, Dr Reid and Mr Hoon enthusiastically applauding the Prime Minister's speech:

    I understand that Dr Reid was in fact muttering "Keep smiling, look cheerful" and the Chancellor replied "I am, I am, I'm getting used to it."

    (Or words to that effect.)
  15. He would have gone by now if he had any real intention of resigning his Presidency

    Oh I don't see why not....he believed he would do it every other time he said he would and didn't! :D

    Wasn't in the country at the time but, from what I can remember, neither of the other two Parties at the last General Election were showing considerable support towards revitalising our beleaguered Defence forces either?