Three Loyalist Groups Believed to Have Begun Decommissioning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by barrett, Jun 19, 2009.

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    "Three loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland have
    decommissioned weapons.

    It is understood the most comprehensive move was by the UVF, but the UDA and Red Hand Commando are also believed to have put some of their guns beyond use.

    The moves follow months of increasing pressure from the British government, and secret talks amongst loyalist groups..."

    A start, I'd say. And it should be all of their weapons put beyond use - the time for violence in the North is over.
  2. was there ever a time when it was time for violence?
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    Not bad, not bad - all they need to work on is closer relations with the gypsies and all will be well.

    I'm hoping that all sides are coming to terms with the fact that all parts of the island of Ireland AND the UK mainland are effectively ruled from Brussels these days - so what the hell is the point of fighting.

    If you feel strongly enough to go and kill someone, head over to Brussels. I understand it's a target-rich environment, but you have to get them as they sign in though - they mostly p!ss off after 09.30 back to their sh@g pads.
  5. Some would argue there was.
  6. Sadly, that is true. What meaning can would an 'independent' and 'united' Ireland have if it (or any nation) is ruled by the wealthy bureaucrats in Brussels? All part of globalisation and the new, and unwanted, world order.
  7. Webleys, zip guns, Mausers, home made abominations, rusting stens & No. 4s - woosh woo
  8. ...and the odd Martini-Henry!


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