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"Three Little Pigs" racist

EXCUSE ME! But i think the dig at 'cowboy builders' could be interpretted as a racist pop at our Pikey friends! Oirish travellers all over the world will be up in arms at the slur on them!!
I reckon the Gov't are being TOO PC to turn us away and be angry at muslims, because for the common folk its working, I believe coming into our country living off benefits getting free mosques built with speakers blasting islamic "westerners are bad" speech out all day, and saying all our traditions,culture and people are bad and offend you cnuts, is actually offending us good british folk, Im goining to complain.
is white to be the new black (oh there you go i said it) I am damned for ever :?

I am not a racist by the way, just pointing out we are going down silly street again :pissedoff:
Ooh yay, more outrage. :roll:

I really don't see the problem, personally. Doesn't affect me in the slightest; there's nothing wrong with a bit a cultural sensitivity.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to revert it to the Brothers Grimm original, in which the protagonists are goats instead of pigs.
supermark500 said:
Three Little Pigs

According to BBC the three little pigs is racist towards our muslim chums. So now it must be called three little cowboy builders.
It's part of the set:

Little Red Riding Hoodie
Snow Grey and the Seven Vertically Challenged Chaps
Goldilocks and the three bears definitely NOT called Mohammed
How about three little politicians. First built his house on spin and focus groups, second built his on an economic prosperity built on dodgey loans and PFI deals, the third built his on decency, hard work, honesty and truth ........

No OK! totally un-believable and would no doubt upset all sorts of minority groups who gang up and vote.


Book Reviewer
Tom_of_Bedlam said:
The easiest way to solve the problem is to revert it to the Brothers Grimm original, in which the protagonists are goats instead of pigs.
It wont work. On a Friday night in Wales, the goats and sheep are sacred animals.
This is another blow to common sense.

Why does the government insist on trying not to offend people, so the book contains pigs so what? It contains reference to dodgy cowboy builders so what?

If the books already won a prize for being a fun read for a child why should the government decide that it’s offensive????

Kids won't realise the possible racial or professionalism links, they'll just insist you read it to them last thing at night because they like it.

Next we'll have to ban red riding hood as it could be construed as paedophilia! Or even Hansel and Gretel!

Jesus how about incy wincy spider? Should he really have been climbing that spout, without safety equipment?

PC is going mad when are we going to wake up and grow a pair??

Edited for mong spelling!!!
FFS, no wonder Humpty Dumpty fell off the Fexking wall if it was built by 3 porculant, travelling itinerant, non-english incompetnet builders, whose IQ and shoesize are remarkably similar.

And no wonder Little Miss Moffatt had to sit outside to eat her Ready Brek, 'cos the f***ning house hadn't been built on time

Give me strength, whatever next, banning Snow White because she shared a bed with 7 odd men, or Hansel and Gretel because they were murderers ?????????? or Jack and the Beanstalk because he was abused by his mother and had learning disabilities (anyone who swaps a cow for some runner beans aint all there).

I hear Jamie Oliver is not happy about baking 4 & 20 blackbirds in a pie as it has a lot of calories, is fattening and needs a lot of cooking !!!

"There was an old lady who lived in a shoe, and she took Brent Council to court for not re-housing her" GET the Flock out of here !!!
On the subject of Humpty Dumpty, whilst I understand that the horses couldn't do much about it I'm a little disappointed that out of ALL of the Kings men not one of them could stick a bit of shell together, I think a lack of first aid training is to blame.

RIP mate

Also, that Grand Ole Duke of York geezer must've been a Nazi PTI. Surely all that marching up and down hills can't have been in line with H&S regs.

I'm outraged too!
No ordinary book- A work of Western, imperialist devil- dogs, servants of the great Satan, indoctrinating the young to unholy beliefs and fostering a hatred of Islam. What do you mean it's a nursery rhyme? The hatred is there in the text I tell you. A Jihad on the swine.

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