Three killed by WWII bomb in Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunservin, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. There are some dreadful comments at the bottom of that article blaming the Germans for this. RIP fellow soliders I say.
  2. Quite. The Daily Mail Online comments forum - it's like a 20 minute visit to the local mental hospital
  3. Yep RIP. A point to note is that they were not soldiers they were civilians. EOD in Germany is undertaken by an organisation called the Kampfmittelrauemungsdiest (KMRD).
  4. Just been watching it on the telly,there´s been quite a few deaths recently a bulldover driver got killed near a motorway(Autobahn) when his digger set one off and another bomb disposal team about 2 years ago.Sadly this will probably get worse as the fuses are starting to rot which means that the things will go off at the slightest movement.
    There´s thousands of the things still lying around.
  5. I met one of the EOD bods when I was living over there in the north. If I recall correctly our fuses were brass cased which made them 'easier' (his words, NOT mine) to work with as they corroded less after lying in the Elbe for 50 years. Hamburg is saturated with the things being found on building sites and being dredged up.

    Oh and Rickshaw, have an ä (not an ü).
  6. Things were different during the war. From 'Designed to Kill - Bomb Disposal from World War I to the Falklands' by Maj Arthur Hogben RE:

    Luftwaffe Bomb Disposal Officer at work
  7. Rest in Peace to those killed.
  8. Double tap. An hour apart...?
  9. It must have fallen reaaaallllllyyyy slooooowwwwlllyyyy ;)

    To be fair, it's a job I wouldn't want to do.
  10. A few months back here in Dortmund, the city planners decided to demolish a very large building to make way for a new development (ini the actual city centre). It was only after they had completed the demolishion and started the ground work in preperation for the construction, was a WWII bomb found (250kg)!

    It beggers belief, that it had been missed the first time around, been built upon and had sat there quite happily for the next 60 years!

    Edited to add a link to the story that I've just found (sorry, it's in German);art930,736797
  11. It's sad to think that a war that ended 65 years ago is still taking lives and bringing grief to families. RIP.
  12. The news reported that the fuzes that are causing the most problems are an acid type,and a lot of bombs impacted the wrong way up thus rendering the fuze inactive until some poor soul comes along and touches the bombs.

  13. :D