Three inmates die at Guantanamo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jacques_Bustard, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. You'd never get catholic fundermentalist doing that on you!
  2. What's the Koran's position on suicide that doesn't involve the killing of innocents?
  3. If it made them martyrs out of them for the cause, why arent the rest of the fu'ckers on their way to their 70 dark eyed virgins each?
  4. Completely banned. Incidentally, there is also a pretty clear statement in the Koran that suicide bombing is also banned.

    One of Mohammed's companions took a suicidal risk in battle and died - when his other companions started sounding off about how good it was that the guy was now in Paradise, Mohammed specifically said he was damned to hell for eternity because he had committed suicide. The parallell with suicide bombing is to my mind pretty exact - if that is considered to be enough to damn someone for eternity, I see no way on earth that suicide bombing can ever be justifiable in Islam. Hence the insistence of the groups that carry them out in referring to them as "Martyrdom operations" rather than suicide bombings - if they used the word "suicide" they would never get any volunteers, but by referring to them as "Martyrdom operations" they are trying to draw a distinction in the mind of those that they recruit between suicide and "martyrdom". This distinction is of course explicitly not there in the Koran.
  5. Almost makes me want there to be truth in the 3 strandsof middle eastern folklore that have been fu'cking up this planet for 2000+ yrs just so the tw@ts are damned!!!
  6. Definitely no Reward, no 21 virgins or whatever they think paradise is only compensation as usual What's the USA position on compensation??
    We better hope that none of them ever visited Londonstan or the British taxpayer will be getting stung for the compensation they all seem very big on that
  7. Its getting beyond a joke now, charge them or let them go.

    What little moral high ground the spams occupy will surely go if this keeps up.
  8. Fcuk 'Moral high Ground'. At least whilst they are banged up they're not killing any of us.
  9. Typical Yanks, always late.

    Just leaving people hanging around waiting.

    I suppose if you're dangling in your cell then it is some form of high ground.

    But doubt if there's anything moral about it.
  10. No sympathy from this corner
  11. **** 'em! Maybe they should hold a mass suicide. I'd even help them onto their ropes. :D
  12. Being called an "act of war" by the camp commander.

    "How dare they do this to me!!!"- What a tube.

    When are these people going to get a fcuking grip and realise that their policies and actions are completely counter-productive in the "War on Terrrrrrrr".

    Just a thought about the people who say fcuk 'em. If there is evidence that they've done something wrong, why not try them in the Spams' kangaroo court (sorry, military tribunal)? I seem to read a lot of harping on about the presumption of innocence whenever the Irish Guards' swimming lessons and the USMC at Haditha are mentioned, why has it all gone quiet now?

    Secondly, if you choose to invade another country and the people living there (surprise, surprise) choose resist they are both de facto and de jure Prisoners of War and should be treated in full accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

    Thirdly, what is there to suggest that their suicides were politically motivated. How many people have topped themselves on remand in British prisons?
  13. While i agree that the spams need to get a higher grip on the moral ground. Scattered and sometimes explainable incidents do not an evil army make compared to intentionally blowing up civilians with that express mission in mind as opposed to accidents or things done under extreme stress (even if they are trained for it and SHOULD be beacons of integrity as the majority are)

    In my limited understanding i'm led to believe the Geneva convention doesn't apply to those who dont observe it themselves? Again this doesn't stop the americans treating them decently and truly occupying the moral high ground but as a very good letter to the times pointed out, the war is being fought on tv and in the media and america could do with having a decent "image" much as it doesn't feel right to say

    No enough frankly
  14. I wonder how many deaths this example of US incompetence and brutality will cause in the Middle East and Europe.