Three Indonesian girls beheaded

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. (C) BBC

    Absolutely sickening. Yet again cruel people use religion as an excuse to take and destroy lives - man's inhumanity to man; unceasingly depressing.
  2. Says a lot about Muslims if all they can do is attack little girls.
  3. With you all the way on your conclusions, DB!

  4. not a good advertisment for conversion to islam or public image :roll:

    their parents must be going through hell and a LOT dead muslim children will probably follow in reprisals

    This is starting to look like a 3 sided Muslim v Muslim v Christian Gangf*ck in central Sulawesi.
  6. I know several Indonesians from varying regions but one thing that doesn't vary are their very tough lives. A huge country full of people desperate to give their family as good a life as possible in spite of all of the upheavals they suffer. It's humbling to know what they go through to give their children better lives.
  7. It makes you consider how lucky you are in comparison.
  8. Sulawesi hasn't ever been a good place to be; tensions evident even on the quick trip I've been on to the place, and that was to a small port, not a main town. Religion: the saviour of mankind.
  9. In this instance, Marx becomes less relevant as time marches on...
  10. Details of sectarian violence in Sulawesi from the BBC.

  11. Don't just take your sources from the BBC Dozy.

    Some reports especially in the Jakarta post shed far more light on the incredible sorry mess. Including the emergence of some mystical Islamic medicine man . His mob are suspected of killing the Cops and other Muslims "not like them"
  12. I don't! Admittedly the BBC site is my main general online news service, but living in the region I use a lot more news providers. I saw the story on the BBC site and then read the more detailed violence in Sulawesi section which gives a recent history for some context. One of the problems in a lot of this part of the world is the mixture of Western influences with that of major world religions combined with generations-old traditions, suspicions and folk-law.

    As with most religions, the influences of the region play a huge part in how that religion is interpreted and there are various sects, often differing from village to village. Sadly I don't believe that Indonesia will ever be more than a mess: spread over a huge geographical area with unsecured borders, a centralised government and its legal arm will never be able to deal with the internal turmoil. The police and army aren't trusted by many so I don't know how much cooperation there will be, even if the state is committed to solving the existing cases and preventing new ones.