Three Greens ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jonwilly, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. Bet the Pilots only noticed because it took an an awful lot of power to taxi in .. :roll:
  2. hi jon.
    you ok mate,.
    a member of the rock steady crew??????
  3. Ouch. Pilots "forgot" to put the gear down?
  4. awful lot of shit just to change a tyre eh
  5. Angry
    'Rocksteady crew' now you've got me thinking. Falklands ? and shirley not the Gay Bikers that DLB roared his head off at. His good Lady was highly amused from what I remember.
  6. Bloke in pic 7 is wearing an AAC stable belt !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yep he is.
  8. He looks like a more slender version of a Geordie lad who went to 12 flt Wildenrath in 88/89
  9. Is it not illegal to wear the Queens issued uniform with a foreign uniform?
  10. Is that yank ally?

    T C
  11. I noticed the belt too, for a brief second I thought that it looked like T*rchy T**ndle.
  12. I was never issued with a stable belt, I had to buy it and it was considered personal property unless worn on parade. You would not be asked to hand it in at termination of service.