Three French Legionnaires

There were once three French legionnaires who were struggling through a desert wasteland, with plenty of water but no food. They were, by now absolutely ravenous, and so climbed to the top of the highest sand dune to survey the horizon in the hope of finding something to eat. The first legionnaire, who was the hungriest of them all suddenly spotted a single tree on the horizon. When he looked closer, he saw that it was festooned with rashers of bacon, so calling to his friends he shouted "Regardez Vous, Mes Amis! Iz not zat a bacon tree?" As they look at this lone tree, they all agree that it does appear to be growing bacon, so the first legionnaire, starts sprinting towards it, as he is the hungriest of them all. 100m off, a shot rings out and he falls to the ground dying. His two friends come running to his aid and the dying legionnaire lies on his back and whispers "Alas, mes amis....zat was no bacon tree.....zat was an 'am bush!"
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