Three found guilty of shooting 5 year old girl.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cyclic, Mar 26, 2012.

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  2. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I am shocked to see that three young coloured men(or can I call them blacks) are involved in a gang shooting.
  3. Call me racist but as soon as I read the thread title I instinctively thought 'darkies'. Hopefully we'll import many more gangsta dross in the decades to come. It's good for the economy so I hear.
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  4. I think they can be done under "joint enterprise" or something, i.e. if you were there and in the gang you share responsibility.
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  5. That's my unerstanding too. It's why they managed to put two of those cockney scummers away for the Daniel Lawrence murder.
  6. Stephen Lawrence
  7. My thoughts exactly, this is why legit guys cant go hand gun target shooting , it would be hard for the Rozzers to refuse issuing a FAC if the applicant met all requirements but was known to be connected to Islamic nuts or gangsters because of their race.
  8. And the picture shows them wearing ties in court, as if that should make any difference.

    Aside from bringing back the death penalty for killings, we should also have floggings for these scum while they are in prison. Being a member of a so-called "gang" should be considered as an aggravating factor always bringing the full sentence.

    I wouldn't stop there either. The parents that bred and raised these thugs should be punished for inflicing this sort of scum on society. Even to the extent of deporting any of them that came from abroad.
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  9. Ahhh, sippenhaft. A delightful concept.
  10. A man shot in the face and a little girl left paralysed for life by this scum (whichever one pulled the trigger, they are all guilty by association) all because they believe they were shown some "disrespect" by some other scum. They will learn their fate when they are sentenced next week and the judge has told them to expect a "significant" jail sentence.
    As they had all borrowed ties for their time in court, the cynic in me expects that sentence to be miniscule in relation to the pain that will be suffered by the young victim and her family for the rest of her life. If I had my way, they would have their own spinal cords severed, so they could spend the rest of their miserable lives pondering on the results of their actions. An eye for an eye I believe it used to be called?
  11. Young lads, good lawyer (I'd expect), enough contrition shown in court. I'd be shocked if any of them do more than ten years. Twelve - fifteen if the judge thinks it's a big enough story that people will care.
  12. Cheers!

    I'm not a religious man, but tonight I lit one of those Chinese lanterns and sent it off into the twinking night sky with the earnest wish they these three men get bummed into next week for a long while to come.
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  13. I beleive if you sever the spinal cord in the correct place then all feeling below that point ends...

    ie (I think) a chisel driven in between the T12 and L1 vertabrae would render the victim unable to shag (an important point I feel) and unable to control their arrse and bladder... they'd also be more vulnerable to infection in the arrse and urinary tract.

    I am no expert. But all I see here is a poor little mite, three scummers, my own chisel in the shed and my own desire to learn about the body.
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  14. I will place money on these 3 finding Islam in a big way once they get inside.