Three Danish KIA,One WIA

Just heard of Martin,3 Danish kia & 1 wia in the Stan,
nothing further as yet.
RIP to the fallen & best wishes to the WIA.
A very bad week for the good guys... :(

RIP. Condolances to Family and Friends.

Swift and full recovery to the injured.
Very bad news indeed - I had the honour of working with the Danes in Iraq - some of the most professional people I've ever worked with. RIP :-(
"We are Red, we are White, we are Danish Dynamite!" Brilliant blokes, Don't know what their like to work with but I do know what their like to drink with! Rest in a Drunken Haze.
RIP deepset condolences to family and friends
Named as KST (OR-1 Private) Benjamin Davi Sala Rasmussen, KST (OR-1 Private) Sebastian La Cour Holm and SGT (OR-5 Sergeant) Jacob Moe Jensen.

Apparently a sergeant in the British Army is an OR-6, with no OR-5 rank, whereas the Danish Army doesn't have an OR-6 rank.

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