three counties military festival

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by armybarbie, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. received an invite from my afco about the above topic, have found out how to get to royston but i can not find out how to get from royston train station to bassingbourn barracks can anyone help??

    sorry for my bad spelling
  2. TRY

    RAC Routefinder
    AA Routeplanner
    Ask your Recruiter
    or are all of those too hard?????
  3. no not to hard, i dont drive so that rules out aa etc and didnt really feel the need to ask at my branch of the afco but i think its going to have to be a trip down there or at least a phone call. thanks for the errrr advice
  4. Try this then:

    I've found that it's not brilliant, but it gives you a clue where to look for more info - bus operators, timetables and potential routes, for instance.
  5. I had an e-mail about this. I am going for a nosey on the 28th. Should be interesting? I am starting basic at Catterick on 10th August.

    More so it's an opportunity for the missus and kids to get a glimpse of things before I go.

    armybarbie.......I see you're in Peterborough......I may be able to give you a lift?

    I am on holiday from tomorrow until next Monday. PM me or something if you're interested? :?