Three cheers for Major Packer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Congratulations Major Packer and good luck on your next challenge. This country still has heroes.
  2. Very well done, Sir.

    Next parade, PT, 0700 Monday. That mountain won't climb itself! :)
  3. I salute you Sir......well done indeed.
  4. Words cannot describe the respect due to Major Packer.
    Congratulations, an inspiration to all.
  5. Top bloke, should be bursting with pride but I bet he just shrugs his shoulders and cracks on with the next challenge. Shame you can't bottle determination like that and force feed it to the lazy workdodgers.

    Now if this was the naafi I'd be offering his weary legs a good massage :p
  6. Leading from the front, bloody well done Sir!!
  7. Bloody well done, he's the kind of man who inspires layabout students such as myself to sign up.

    Saw him on the BBC News channel and he was very much talking about other wounded personnel and general issues disabled people face. Reporter tried to get his own feelings a couple of times and Maj. Packer moved straight onto others each time.
  8. Sir, well done. A great effort - truly inspirational.

  9. Major Packer's feat has just featured on the evening news of a couple of national channels here in OZ.
    A stunning effort, clearly an outstanding individual.

    SBS said his next challange is to scale El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.
  10. May I add my congratulations to the Major.

    Utmost respect Sir.

    I'll have a pint for you later.
  11. He has just been on the late news here.....some Chelsea Pensioners cheering him over the line.

    Stirring stuff.
  12. Read that he is still a little short for the £1million, so might be tempted to chuck in some extra cash.

    Seeing the picture of him cross the line brought up some strange feelings.... for some wierd reason at first I thought it a bit off that orange mine tape was used. Surely some Flora tape could have been used, but then I thought it actually quite fitting, that such a splendid effort would be finished in the traditional British Army way.

    With that staple of Army fete and sporting event... Mine Tape.

  13. Maj Packer sounds a really nice guy in interview, heard him chatting with the Aussie lass that lost her legs in a 7/7 blast on Radio 4 this morning. The pair of them were inspirational and god we need some Lumley and Packer moments at present to lift the chins a bit. Still a little cricket lift, Purdy terrorising a cnut and two exceptionally brave survivors suddenly my glass is filling to the half pint mark. It would brim if AQ blew up Prescott's campaign bus with him and Blears in it - no chance there though.
  14. Well Done Sir.....Top Man.