Three Cheers For Craftsman Ryan Collett REME

Today's Salisbury Journal reports the outcome of the Rundle Cup polo meeting at Tedworth House, Tidworth, last weekend.

Played between the Army and the Royal Navy, The Rundle Cup was won by the Army by 9 goals to 2.5. Cfn Collett 'helped the side storm to victory' by scoring three of the army's goals.

I was always mildly surprised that the Navy could field a team of polo players (we are talking about sitting on horses here, not splashing around in the water), but to now discover that the REME, and their private soldiers to boot, also take part is a real revelation. How splendidly egalitarian we are all becoming!

Perhaps OCdt Wales should join the REME. (The Artists Rifles is clearly now off limits following the recent court apearance of his art teacher!)
Sod the egalitarianism, lets juts be condecending instead!

By jove sir, jolly well done - trebble Pimm's all round barman!
If you could see some of nouveau riche flotsam and jetsam that follow polo at the Guards and the Beaufort Polo Clubs then I suspect, like me, you would see a REME craftsman as a bit of a step up the social ladder...

Hmmm, blood sugar level must be low...time for a sweetie!


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Coming the week after a REME Team won the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition, this makes it plain that the REME is THE Corps for Sporting Prowess!

However, Rugby is another matter......
Actually Cfn Collett is a REME Rugby player also!


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The Naval Equestrian Centre at HMS Dryad was well used....been sold off now I believe.

As to the egalitarianism of the Army allowing an Other Rank into their Polo team...hey if Ginger Baker ( drummer with Cream for the children reading ARRSE ) can play Polo then anyone can !

If anyone out there wants to learn to ride a horse at (largely) the Army's expense, I can recommend the ASCA Basic course run bi-annually by Kings Troop RHA in St John's Bks, London. Summer course (August) for Ocifers , Winter course for OR's - TA included. There's a DCI about it somewhere.....I was spurred on to do it by my 8 year old daughter saying in her most withering tone:
" You really know NOTHING about horses do you Daddy..." rag to a Goat that was :)

So, it came to pass that one of the highlights of my otherwise underachieving TA career was riding a 16 hand Irish draught horse across Marble Arch roundabout and down Park Lane in the the thick of the London rush hour courtesy of King's Troop. Of course, shovelling sh1t from 0500 till 06:30 every morning was part of the price...

One of the best " novices" on my course was a dagger-badged WO1 REME if I recall.....and no, his mouth contained neither plums nor marbles......

If you fancy it " Give her a go mate " - well worth while if the Unit Adventurous Sports funding will allow.

<< En avant - les chevaux ! >>

Le Chevre
Good effort fella.

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