Three British Troops Killed in Attack on Camp Dogwood

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    From the BBC:

    Updated: Thursday, 4 November, 2004, 18:04 GMT

    Three UK soldiers killed in Iraq

    British troops were controversially redeployed to Camp Dogwood
    Three British troops have been killed in Iraq, the Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram has confirmed.
    The deaths, as well as a number of other casualties, happened in the area patrolled by the Black Watch, but no more details have yet been released.

    The 850-strong force have been attacked repeatedly since arriving at Camp Dogwood on Friday.

    The troops were controversially redeployed to the base, 20 miles from Baghdad, following a US request.

    Critics suggested the redeployment dragged Britain deeper into the turmoil of post-war Iraq and was part of political manoeuvring by the American government during their campaign for re-election.

    Under attack

    Since British Black Watch troops arrived in the area they have come under attack.

    One mortar exploded at the Camp Dogwood complex early on Tuesday evening. Five other "impacts" which did not explode were also reported.

    On Tuesday, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said he was "confident" Black Watch would be back in their base in southern Iraq within 30 days.
  2. Gutted!

    Sincere condolencies to friends, family and colleagues....

    When will this end.... time to call it a day?
  3. This is terrible news, my thoughts and prayers are with these soldiers family, friends and the regiment. RIP
  4. Rest in Peace, boys. Its obvious that 1BW was going to be hit with everything the insurgents have once they moved North - the political sensitivity surrounding their re-deployment is going to make them more of a target than any spam troops that could have been moved in. Makes you wonder how 'non political' this troop move really was. :evil:
  5. Terrible news, thoughts go out to all.
  6. F#cking angry, don't know Bliar can look himself in his smug face (which deserves a repeated smashing with a nail-studded baseball bat) when he pins his poppy on for Remembrance day. Will anyone be waiting at Brize for these guys? Blood price, Bliar?

    An absolute tragedy.
  7. We will remember them.

    this sucks.

    Opening a bottle of port tonight for "them".

  8. time to call it a day? how would that look? sorry boys, your mates died for absolutel no reason, we won't even give you a vaguely bs reason to keep you happy.....
  9. whats sick is these boys are all disbanded and on an extension, and then sent somewhere sh1ttier

    All pants.

    jobs got to be done but not like this, in this manor

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