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Three bird roast !!

Mrs WW has suggested that as a special treat for Christmas that we partake in a “ Three bird roast “ Well I was pleasantly surprised I can tell you , its been a while since she suggested some thing this adventurous .

So the question I have is this , who in addition to Mrs WW should I invite to this group sexual treat ? her sister is quite “fit” as they say, but who as a third ?

You will probably find that your missus has actually already got 3 birds lined up for you. Query that point with her before you make any further inquiries otherwise you might end up with a six bird roast, which, in my view is just being greedy.
"Three bird roast “ -- are you sure she didn't mean a roast made up of Duck, Chicken and Turkey with all the trimmings....... not the 'Other Meaning'....
Where do you live? There must be some crack whores about. At least one will be game* for a bit of Christmas cheer when the snow is round about, deep and crisp and even.

*see what I did there?

How about that for a shite Christmas present?

A litre stein with a 500ml bottle of lager.

"Is it half full, or is it half empty? The perfect present for pessimists AND optimists, (from that nice Mr. Lidl.)

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