Three Arch March.

We are in the early planning stages of what we are calling the "Three Arch March" for next June.
This is going to take us from Admiralty Arch to Ramsgate, (ferry to Ostend), Ostend to Ypres and then onto the Arc De Triomphe a distance of approximately 300 miles,depending on actual route .
Both of us are in our forties so it going to be a bit of a slog as we hope be done in ten to twelve days in the summer.

Now all is going well at the moment ,the walk is registered on Help For Heroes and our company has offered support but it important to us that we share monies raised with the French and Belgium equivelent and here I have hit a wall, despite my efforts I am no nearer finding out if such charities exists,which they must do surely?.

Anybody here know if any French and Belgium charity's exist for the support of ex,wounded and elderly military personel?.

Many thanks.
I think you should consider splitting proceeds with our Allies, the Bundeswher. From what i see on the History Channel, their ancestors also lost a lot of blokes in WW2.

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