Threatening letter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. Today I recieved a letter from Kentigern house stating that if I didn't fill in my reservists annual reporting form I could be liable for a fine of upto £1000.

    I can't be bothered to put the letter on here but needless to say it gripped my sh1t.

    I have penned a response I would like some feedback from fellow Arrser before I put my first wipe across it and send it.

    Thoughts please people, I'm going to DHL it to ensure it gets to the man or at least causes max disruption :D

    Petty: yep
    Deserved: Probably not
    Fcuk em
  2. Probably not the best way to speak to your boss unless you genuinely don’t care if he over reacts to it
  3. Outstanding Mate, made I larf

    You may also like to add a footnote to the effect that one of the jumped up Colonel colleagues in (APC-Sec,Parl&Discl,Discl2,(Data Protection),ADO1 - also in Kentigern house) took 5 months to get back to me with a data protection act query - current regulations state 20 working days......


  4. Genius, absolutely legendary stuff!

    Send it, just as it is!!
  5. If I then found out it was a computer generated LETTER and standard PRACTICE, I would find the man who put it in place and throw the TYPEwriter at him

    repoSSEssion of properties.

    Send it :D
  6. Send it Mighty. Every year I get the same letter, "You failed to respond to.....blah.....fine......£1000, etc" even though I never received the first letter! And I found the last threatening letter under my car passenger seat last month, nearly 8 months old! I don't bother replying now. The next letter they get from me is the one when I claim my pension.
  7. My boss???????

    Ive been out nearly as long as I was in
  8. stop beating about the bush you mealy mouthed poof ....

    take it personally and deliver it by brick ... or molotov cocktail through his office window.

    you could reduce it in size to

    "contact me again .... and i'll cut ya !"
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  9. I received one similarly, from the medical services a couple of years ago. The most annoying part was that my husband was posted to Kentigern House at the time, was my listed next of kin, yet still they didn't manage to get a letter to me before the threatening one! I hold my hands up and admit that I havent been sending change of addresses as often as I should to them, but with a still serving spouse (working just along the corridor from them!), not to mention both my parents working in the building can get my drift.....
    Sheer incompetence.
    And then there was the surprise my mother had when my "P" file landed on her desk with a "what shall we do with this?" note attached. It had already done its rounds of the in-trays in Kentigern House when my mother (not working for the AMS manning and records dept) sent it on to its righful home. It pleases me no end to know that hundreds of people could peruse my Military records. That will be "medical" in confidence for you!!


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  10. MDN

    You spelt repossession and competitive wrong.

    SEND IT PLEASE and post his response. That is outstanding!!!!!
  11. Right then, thats it

    I'll post it first thing in the morning, I hope it winds the cnut up enough to warrant a reply.

    Even better if he is a member of this site :D
  12. Fcuk him then

    Don’t forget to include a picture of your winking arrse hole
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    MDN, the only thing I would mention is that if it can really only be sent this way then you should ensure that he can't draft you back in as a L/Cpl in the CERTAIN DEATH TROOP of the pioneer mine-clearers currently working on OPERATION REALLY HARD WITH NO SUPPORT AND NO MEDICS WHATSOEVER issued only with a SA80 A1, RG ammo and a broken extractor as well as some quite manky mags with rusting springs.

    If you are sure that he'll not be able to re-enlist you, tomorrow or any day until you're dead of old age (laws change, w######s have long memories) then goferit!

    Oh yeah. You could always pop a (cancelled) cheque in the letter just to wind him up!
  14. I was going to send a cheque for £1k with 'Go away grubby man on it'

    but if someone did that to me I'd bank it and have the last laugh :D

    He can re-enlist me if he likes, I'll bet him his £1k that I am SNLR'd same day :D