Threat to throw boy from bridge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by flamingo, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. Harmless young boy suffers unprovoked attack from two bullies, or little tosser getting a deserved hiding?


    I think little scrote getting a well deserved hiding. :twisted:
  2. If they were throwing stones or something like that I could understand, but I thinks its taking it a bit too far?
  3. 1 day drinks, next time paving slabs

    he got what he deserved, a tuning in

    if they had meant it, they would have thrown the kid over
  4. will he do it again?
  5. Well we only have the word of the "victim" that they weren't.

    Having a gang of feral youths in the village I live in, who whenever they are caught yell "It wasn't me, we did nothing. he's picking on us" if plod do eventually turn up, I'm sure it was not an unprovoked attack.

    Still, I'm sure that someone is working on making him sound like Gandhi.
  6. Direct, to the point and probably effective.

    Even throwing drink of the bridge is dangerous. One minute you can see, next minute you can't.... possibly at a time that is really inconvienient.
  7. I think we should all be jolly thankfull they didnt throw the poor lad over, imagine some old dear driving along the road and suddenly a mangled pikey ends up on her lap, shock could kill her
  8. It was 2 old school police
  9. Having lived in MK before I joined up (my parents still live there) I would've stopped and done the same. The walkovers are quite high, and I've seen things thrown off them before. Little fcuker needed a lesson.
  10. Twat near where I live (Wellingborough) threw a brick from a foot bridge at an artic, Killed the driver, closed the main A45 for fcukin hours. The locals know who did it, Can't remember if the Police found out or found him. He's still walking the streets though.
  11. Seconded. Good drills. :D
  12. They should have taught the little fvcker to fly…
  13. I'd beat the carp out of the little fecker, you don't waste drink FFS
  14. Should have knocked his block off for wasting good drink! FECK! DRINK!AARSE!WIMMEN!
  15. They would have done better tossing Joe Glenton off the bloody thing.