Threat to the Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BCFC Sam, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Argentina developing nuclear-powered submarine - Telegraph

    Argentina developing nuclear-powered submarine

    Argentina has announced it is developing a nuclear-powered submarine, leading to fresh warnings that Britain would face an "insurmountable" task if the country invaded the Falkland Islands again.

    Falkland Islands' bid to grow its own food amid fears of Argentina blockade - Telegraph

    Falkland Islands' bid to grow its own food amid fears of Argentina blockade

    The Falkland Islands has announced a plan to become self-sufficient in meeting its food needs amid increased concern about Argentine efforts to blockade surrounding waters.

    personally i think we should shove a nice healthy trident missile up there arse if they dare attempt again. but would we be in a position to take them back if they invaded successfully as all the oil that is meant to be there this could come reality.
  2. I'm curious how they are planning on funding their nuclear submarine dream, someone should probably tell them you cannot empty the contents of a few tritium inserts into a diesel engine.
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  3. How are the spiks gonna pay for this then?

    If they pull it off (probably >10 years away) they'll have one nuclear powered submarine. We'll have many.

    **** 'em. If they want to piss money up the wall on vanity projects which will probably never happen whilst their country's in the shit then they should hire an expert to advise them - a Mr G Brown would seem sensible.
  4. What's this? another we're doomed in the Falklands thread?

    Must be Wednesday.
  5. They'll seize the oil fields and claim them obviously!
  6. Calm down every one BAE is the major contractor, my great grand children will be dead before this is deployed.
  7. We doomed I say doomed...,

    Seriously do you honestly think the argies could take them. Think of it from the defensive side of things. We have a company of infantry that are amongst the most experienced in the world. Armed with up to date weapon systems such as Javelin that can can prevent any landing of armour. Mortars, HMG, GMG, more ammunition to hold put for months if not years. Also Typhoon armed with precision weapons that could sink any ship that threatens.

    The spicks would get a good shoeing in my humble opinion. It'd just top brass and the press trying to scare the public to squeeze more money out of the government
  8. What difference does the sub being nuclear powered or not make when the islands are only 300 miles or so off the Argentine shore?

    Either way, this topic has been done to death
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  9. Done to death - short answer is no they cant take the islands, no they wont deploy an SSN.

    Next question?
  10. Are you crazy? In fifteen years they might have one half arsed nuke sub while all we'll have is seven of the finest attack submarines in the world. Start panicking for ****'s sake!
  11. A diesel-electric sub has to snort regularly (typically every night) to recharge it's batteries. This evolution is quite noisy, and gives opportunity for ASW units to locate and identify it. A nuclear-powered submarine, on the other hand, can operate fully submerged for months on end. The tactical advantage of this cannot be overstated.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No not a submarine what will we do don't panic, don't panic.
    Lets use the Thatcher Memorial Missile and hit it as it slides down it's launching ramp.
    We could buy an Exocet just for the moment.

    Or we could send one of own crack submariners over to shoot the crew.
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  13. So they are planning on a SSN which should absorb the cash they need to upgrade their amphibious landing ability, and we have to worry.
    Sounds like their MOD procurers have been taking lessons from ours, or a SSN salesman slipped in a few back-handers.
    I don't know who are more genetically inbred, the Bens or these people.
  14. They have lots of plans*, whether any of them happened tough is any ones guess.

    *KC-390 transport/AAR aircraft.

    New LPD. probably the French navy's Foudre.

    Getting in on the Brazilian navy's plan to construct two new aircraft carriers, by getting a 3rd built for themselves.

    New fighters.*

    etc etc.

    The only one that seems to be almost guaranteed to move forward is the KC-390 project. They bought into it and will build parts.
  15. Let them have the shit hole