Threat to shoot reporters: Uber-walt of Neu Arbeit

We have here the Sword and Shield of the People's Party! Clearly one of "them" with the ability to snap his fingers and call his troops into action?

Row over 'threat to shoot reporters'

Date: 24 October 2008
Scottish Political Editor

THE SNP demanded an inquiry yesterday into comments made by a Labour press officer earlier this week when he warned members of the media they might be "shot" if they got in the way of the Prime Minister's wife.

The incident happened on Wednesday when the press were being prevented from getting close to Sarah Brown as she campaigned in Glenrothes.

Rami Okasha, Labour's head of communications in Scotland, was in charge of keeping the press corralled on to a piece of ground away from Mrs Brown when he referred to the Special Branch officers protecting her and said: "There will be six or seven guys with guns who will keep you away from her. You may be shot and then it won't be my problem."

After reading the report of the incident in The Scotsman, Joe Fitzpatrick, the SNP MSP for Dundee West, demanded an internal Labour Party inquiry and disciplinary action against the press officer concerned.

He said: "It is Labour control freakery gone mad. On what possible basis do Labour Party apparatchiks discuss security issues – which they have no business interfering in.

"We have excellent democratic standards in Scotland of campaigning in by-elections, which Labour must not be allowed to undermine in this extraordinary bullying manner."

And he added: "I am calling on the Labour Party to resolve this worrying matter by holding an inquiry in order to establish which party official made these reported remarks, on whose authority they were acting, and any disciplinary action that may be required."

A Labour spokesman replied: "The bizarre and inaccurate claim by the SNP that any member of Labour Party staff would seriously threaten anyone is simply spin and merely a distraction by their spin-doctors from the real issues in the campaign."

Or is he simply a Labour walt who would give Barry George a run for his money?

Or should he apply for the Metropolitan Police with the expectation of rapid promotion and responsibility for directing counter-terrorism operations?
No doubt it is a Labour party wet dream to have police around them to shoot anybody who dares question them.
Well Rami Okasha is a good Scottish name at least.He should be an asset to Nu Liabor in Scotland!
probably just had enough and wishful thinking out aloud. As most people who have to deal with the press would like to see them shot:)
I like the word 'apparatchik'
vampireuk said:
No doubt it is a Labour party wet dream to have police around them to shoot anybody who dares question them.
I am reminded of the furious woman who ambushed Tony Blair outside a hospital he was visiting to open a new wing during his first general election as PM.

She was keen to point out that while the dear leader led TV cameras into a brand new, state of the art facility on the ground floor, her husband was lying in his own sh1t while busily dying of cancer on the top floor. Apparently all the nurses in the hospital had been sent to the hospital entrance to show how well staffed the place was.

Tony donned his falsest grin, muttered something about record levels of investment then shot some knowing glances to spur his police bodyguards into action.

His bodyguards grinned right back to say 'We're bodyguards, not bouncers and she aint attacking you.' Tony was promptly left to fend for himself against one of the little people.

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