Threat of poor end of year appraisal

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bubblechaser, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Having just received a memo from the OC about the current predicament we face...all the usual stuff, stick together, pull through as a team, come out of it stronger, etc, etc, etc.....he ended it with a veiled threat of receiving a poor end of year report if an individuals attendance dropped of over the coming months.

    So is he right or is he wrong? Should someone receive a poor end of year for not turning up when they don't get paid or is attendance regardless of pay everything?
  2. Well.... Ask him if thats the best method of motivation that Sandhurst and Staff College(?) provided him with. It's either that or he has a number of problem children. (and is still a poor leader).
  3. If he has to make veiled threats to maintain attendance, he needs to have a long look in the mirror and ask himself a few questions. ( Not seven, either. )
  4. :)

    I'm afraid that "shape up or ship out" is the only form of motivation many in the CoC have in their toolbox. How many new COs have you heard say on appointment "I want all the deadwood cleared out" only to then complain about lack of numbers? Get enough of them appointed in a row and you can soon reduce a Bn to Pl. :(
  5. Why does he need a mirror to ask himself questions?
  6. Without approving of your CoC's motivational technique, you are actually required to include (SJAR at least, couldn't find it in the OJAR section) a statement about attendance for TA soldiers. 2D.15.06 if you want to look.

    Doesn't mean you get a bad report, just one that says you are a bad attender (or a bounty scrounger or you must clearly hate your wife :) )
  7. He's deaf- he needs to lip read.
  8. Ah! I see. Thanks for clearing that up mucker.
  9. Just ask yourself which job pays the mortgage and worry accordingly. Also, sometimes it's easy to misread tone in written comms and he may not have meant it as you read it - or maybe he really is a tool. Either way expecting soldiers to turn up unpaid as though nothing has happened is taking the p!ss. Particularly if you lose money by turning down overtime or if your travel is pricy.
  10. I guess that civvy policy also applies to the TA?:

    No one should get a poor annual appraisal.

    There should be nothing negative in an annual appraisal.

    Any problems with the employee's work, behaviour, attendance, etc. should be managed (and a solution found) at the time ...... and have been addressed prior to the annual appraisal.
  11. So he can pretend he has a friend. I often do this; but dressed in womens clothing so I can imagine I'm talking to a live female, without having to pay.
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    Many a true word said in jest . .. ..
  13. Says the man whose proudest boast on Facebook is that he ate an entire jar of sweets in less than a week...

    Enjoy your surprise CFT tonight!
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    Hit a nerve ?