Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by emptyeye, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. THREAT Magazine:

    When was the last one produced? I even won a prize once (a MR Brigade patch) from the recognition pages competition.

    Anyone still have a copy? and those little recognition booklets produced for major expercises etc

    Also anyone ever manage to box in a SOXMIS car? One flew past me when I was in a 10 Ton knocker on the autobahn, didnt even see what the make of car it was, it was going at warp speed.

    When was the last time anyone had Active Edge callout?
  2. 1980 - lubbecke ridge
  3. I still have a few copies of THREAT, sad man that I am.

    The last one came out just before the fall of the Berlin wall, in fact that was the last THREAT magazine, but just after they produced a similar thing, but as there was no Warsaw Pact as enemy, and as such no real 'threat', the new one was called THE RAT, which is an anagramme of THREAT.

    There were also around that time a few THREAT SPECIALs on the terrorist threat whith quite good coverage of the IRA, INLA, Red Brigade, Bader Meinhof as well as various Middle Eastern terrorist groups (No AQ in the list back then though).

    So rather than just stopping, THREAT evolved a bit then drew down with the rest of the army. It did it's job in a readable and interesting and in my opinion should still be doing the same as, recognition (ITD5) is still there and nobody but the Trg. Wing get their hands on the Recognition Journal and there is nothing else to help the lads and lasses in the Sqns.

    Bring back THREAT Mag
  4. I even remember those little lead models that 7 INT used to have, (and I borrowed sometimes, joys of being in Bielefeld at the same time) great for Military Skills Competitons, you would sometimes get some switched on AT teams who would even recognise the variants with binos, even at that scale!

    Mind you these days, you can clamber over a ZSU 23-4 sat rusting away outside some military museum somewhere, in those days if you saw a ZSU 23-4 that close, something was very wrong and time to evaulate your current postion.
  5. 1989 On my JMQC. Not even my unit. The gits had me fitting cam nets to vehicles all night.
  6. All I can remember about Active Edge call outs, was sitting in packets on the parade square all night, with all the Sqn Seniors and Offrs flapping around. Humping jerry-cans of fuel from the POL point, and just when you were at your most tired, hungriest and coldest your packet got the green light to go. You then spent the next 4 hours on the road hoping you wouldn't fall asleep and crash.

  7. Been there, done that, 1984, packet commander, Active Edge.. crashed out at 14:00 Saturday... Minden...St Georges Bks...Lined up in packets..all MK's....awake all day..started to drive to Soltau at 23:00 hrs...knackered before we 03:00 hrs....just picked up RP point TAC sign..checked map..KERBLAM..driver fell asleep, we hit a tree (on my side) in a ditch, luckily only travelling less than 40KPH..result..two busted ankles,and cuts, saved by having my feet up on the dash and NOT wearing a seatbelt (none fitted) and just looking up to see the oncoming tree, driver knocked out his door as I did a very swift exit stage left to get out the way...

    I was lucky, following week, couple of guys got killed in Sennelager in an MK..they were travelling in the back, MK flipped...driver fell asleep..sadly common practice at the time
  8. Still have Threat No 24-Recce!! and Soxmis card with number 30 on it,the things we hang on to.
    One major callout I can remember was a cross the board full outload in '87' which happened right out of the blue and had a few of us worried on what was going on as we deployed to 'wartime' positions.

  9. It was true what they said, you would have no idea we were at war with WP forces until you got to your crashout locations..worrying
  10. ...most of the sqn seniors flapping around. Some of them proceeded about their business with dignity and poise, taking a moment out for a sneaky cigarette when they could :)

    Remember that low-hanging fog of diesel and benz fumes which gathered over the square and then descended during the night during the winter? The heaving scrum trying to get crypto from one pissed-off crypto storeman in Block 30? Parking up in packets on some god-forsaken snowy forest ride and waiting for a German Lt Col to come along and ask some seriously bone questions?
  11. We had a new C.O and R.S.M who had no idea on the running of our Regt and insisted we all took all our kit including suitcases containing No-2s,bk dress etc with us, we looked right twats when ordered to 'mount 'as there was no where for the crew to get on far less sit down,suitcases,kitbags everywhere,looked like Delhi buses less the chickens and wogs hanging off the sides.C.O and R.S.M threw a track each as they thought we were taking the piss.Inspection team was speechless with amazement.A revised slimmer loading list was soon issued.Could we have done the real thing with such complete crunts in command? 'Motor Rifle Bn to your front men-don your No 2s'
  12. SOP10 packing lists! Keep all your non-used but mandatory gear (PT kit, Army issue socks, QM daps, Chinese Fighting Suit etc) neatly folded in labelled plastic bags in the '58 large pack, tucked away inside the vehicle but always ready for inspection and checking and live out of a bergen/holdall....
  13. Ah yes G_I_A_0 those indeed were the offense intended by the way (ref earlier comment about flapping seniors and Offrs). I remember our Sgt Maj at the time was adamant that no-one would take a bergan on exercise. We had to put everything (soppy 10) in the '58 pattern large pack, because as he put it ''not everyone can offord one''. He said that with a straight face wearing a DM200 DPM gortex jacket, while we wore boil in the bag waterproofs.
  14. That wasn't the ginger headed SSM was it?
  15. No it was his predecessor (AT) - the one who was caught fiddling MMA claims. AKA 'Lemmy' or 'The screaming Skull' to the lads.