Threat! Magazine 30th anniversary 2007

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. United Nations Threat Magazine heritage day is being muted for sometime in in spring 2007. If you were a member of 7 Int Coy you will recall those heady days of looming nuclear armageddon, the potent new BMP, the green cravat, getting banned from the Berlin Military Train and those cries down the phone of of " 114, Cpl Dixon!" and " born free!"

    I am still in touch with some of the original editorial team and might be able to get your copy authographed! PM me if you would like to commemorate this historic event.

    I am thinking deep in the LHTA eating brockies from a PAK 200, or was it PAK 400? Or up by the plane at scharfoldendor?

    Any other ideas?

    PS: there are currently no SAS SBS Para Intel Corps genuine Threat! magazines on e bay. I have checked already :wink:
  2. is that anything like mooted? :)
  3. "Born Free!"

    A stirring hymn, normally followed by the pop of a projector bulb, the crackle of a tapedeck fuse, the giggle of a Bn, the growl of a Coy OC and the whine of a Cpl.

    Wasn't called 'Threat' for nothing.
  4. What about one of its spin off publications 'Contact' and 'Contact 2'? Bet you'll get loads of hits googling that!
  5. What, a "Threat Presentation Team" reunion? I'll tell Papa Gravelbelly, he'll be amused :)

    Ah, the days when "high tech" was a pair of synchronised carousel projectors fading in and out over each other..... Still, as an eleven year old who got to learn how to tell T-54/55, T-62, and T-72 from one another by sitting at the back of said cinema, who was I to doubt the glory of it all.
  6. gravelbelly, you could be the first Int Corps Cadet Recognition Walt :)
  7. Don't forget the march down the centre of the cinema by the 3 Sov Inf carrying moulded rubber AK's then the Q & A session on the stage between the Sov officer and the interviewer on strengths of GSFG! :roll:
  8. No its definately muted because they want to keep quiet about it.
  10. In my desk drawer is an original fold-up copy of "Threat" from about 82/83. Its the single sheet that folds up like a road map into "combat pocket" size. The only problem is on the back where it has line drawings of all the Sov kit...the SA6 and SA8 have been transposed. I wonder how many copies were printed before that mistake was noticed. Who in 7 Coy signed the proof copy for printing ? Own up !
  11. ?? It would have been if Cpl **'s hands shook at the same rate as Cpl **'s. Local A/L/Cpl** at the back, who'd spent the previous day splicing a dodgy cassette recorder into the cinema's sound system (always to the dismay of the cinema manager), would be the one to get it from a future Director when things went tuts ip. As it would, almost every time.

    Still, thank God we didn't do the thing re a fake Sov in uniform with a rubber gun - there are limits. We lent the kit out to others for them to discover the delights of deep deep embarrassment, though. 70 Int Sect had a peculiar attachment to the tighter uniforms.

    What the hell's a PAK 2-400? Related to those BTRs, or am I a touch out of date? 8O

    OK, ok, I know it's off-topic. Sorry.
  12. Ever spent the whole previous afternoon loading the slides into the carousel (and getting T64/72 the right way round) only to have some numpty from the unit you're giving the threat presentation to knock the bloody thing onto the floor.....Yep, hours of fun for all the Section.

    I remember we had millions (okay...a division's worth) of 1/300 scale metal, sov vehicles at 82 Int Section. Got one of the R Signals prisoners to paint them all green. Poor lad nearly went mental and seriously damaged his eyesight.

    Took the newbie L/cpl hours before the Threat Presentation to set them out in correct order of march. Bloody infantry were always trying to nick them (I think I've still got a couple of T64s).
  13. of course anyone with initiative would just get a bucket of green paint and a sieve.
  14. Yeah, but as a good operator it is your duty to exploit our Scaleyback comrades at every opportunity... The section Staffy did give the lad 20 Benson and Hedges when he'd finished. Rather generous, I thought.
  15. Don't.... the downside of having school terms different from the local ones was that Grav Snr. occasionally got lumbered with childcare.

    Now, there was brilliant fun to be had ... two days learning about photography at Ebrington Bks, or a day at Magilligan on the ranges doing the APWT (fun police would ban that for certain - what WHT?)

    But the only "even vaguely suitable for a nine-year-old" reading material in Soest was a big f***-off stack of Janes IDR and Recognition Journal. Twiddle thumbs, or read about the new T-72 and FITTER-C. Hmmm.

    Anyway, a tour in Eastern Europe meant that Mum could apparently tell a D-20 from a D-30 when she saw them from the school bus, so that will be "Walt Family Gravelbelly".

    Guilty, M'Lud....