threat level critical????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jabba, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. we let anyone walk thru are main gate on recruting nites ( bags and lil rucksacks n all) yea mate strait up stairs on yer left, and leave ur back in the karzi or some small cupbourd if you like no probs, they are left to wander around! crazy! and i cant take a bottle of volvic on the plane to magaluvvv!!!!, one army? gate guards should be armed!!! i mean what do we do? open gate take reg no and say park it over ther buddy hey u goin campin? lota gas bottles u got in ther uh,
  2. We can't do gate guards as MATTS only gets us zero'd, you need to have done a full APWT before you can carry a rifle
  3. I think this attitude will prevail until we get a shock and an incident does occur at a TAC.
    If security is too tight every place else, won't be long before terrorists consider it, especially seeing as how many TA contribute to ops these days.
  4. Jabba - was that a fatboy the hutt rant?

    What are you on??? Write properly and you'll get an answer from suitably informed people (Polar is just humouring you).

    Gorrit - faaaaantasticccc (showing my age) lol
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Jabba, why don't you put the post code of your TAC or give directions. Just in case any religious lunatics are short of ideas!!!!

    Infact why not post the code to the blister so they can draw weapons.