Threat Letters.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by charliecharlieone, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Recentley a few of the guys and girls i work with have been getting letters from our Admin Office with regards to updating NOK details, passport details, update pulhheems etc...........However at the bottem of the letter is a threat/warning,

    "Unless you complete this my such and such a date all your claims and any allowences will be stopped indefinatley"

    Firstly is such a threat neccersary and can they do this?

    Is it just me or does this seem a bit harsh threatning soldiers in this manner? i suspect that they are proberly covering their arrse for not keeping up to speed throughout the year and an audit is looming!!
  2. Sounds like the office monkies are sweating, probably due to a complete lack of effort in sorting out their peers inconsequential issues such as pay, medals, resettlement cash etc over the year.

    Been said before but I've never heard of a writer/clerk get their pay F--ked up

    Sounds like the whole units admin fell at the first hurdle, Pulhheems from the med center, CSM NOK and passports.......

    The great thing about bad admin is that the perpetrators know they are sh_t, and for some reason get angry and dish it out to the very people they are letting down, a double wammy of terrible service and rude and aggressiveness to boot!!

    Clerks I SH-T em


    here endeth the sermon!!
  3. Why at Div do we have such a thing as a "super clerk". IMHO there is no such thing, they are all average at best
  4. Pulheems are a Unit responsibility..the Medical Centre merely performs the required examinations and then informs the relevant unit by means of an appendix 9. All information for reports and returns should be available from Unicom, provided of course that your AGC element has bothered to do the job properly.
  5. As ever, there are probably two sides to this one.

    Those authorising payments and allowances have to ensure that the payment is appropriate and that the basis for the claim is correct. Very often this means that personal details such as NOK, addresses, children's details, bank details need to be correct. (There are probably quite a few more that I can't think of right now).

    Within units I have served in, getting this right was a chain of command responsibility not neccesarily admin office to individual (and I fully appreciate that the JPA era will change this). However, there are many units where, currently, individuals are asked to ensure that their details are up to date - and then don't bother their arrses to do so. The admin office has probably tried everything else before making this threat - and if personal details don't back up the entitlement to an allowance then they must stop that allowance.

    However, a catch all threat for all allowances is probably not the way ahead. No doubt there is a bit of getting themselves up to speed (but how often do I hear complaints when the admin office is closed so that they can play catch up); so the bottom line is probably to get admin details correct without being nagged - in the long term it's in all our interests to do so; working together with the admin staff.

    I am not an AGC(SPS) type but I would be interested to see what their reaction is.
  6. Our small unit is dispersed across the UK and our Admin done miles away buy a couple of clerks at HQ. During a recent update of claims etc. the Chief Clerk actually threatened to stop (not just claims) peoples pay!!

    Now how legal is that?? and is it possible for them to do that??

    I understand the clerks needs to get their job done, but surely you can't stop peoples pay??
  7. Unit HR staff have to keep your Medical, EC and other details up to date. Very occasionally some soldiers do not respond when asked to do this despite being asked several times, or the ignore and do not return the paperwork that they have been sent. On these occasions the clerks are reduced using extreme measures such as the ones you have alluded to. The simple answer is to ensure that you keep your documentation up to date and respond to any requests for action.

    The simple logic is that if you have time to fill in your claims, then you have time to check & sign your EC print (once a year is hardly a burden!) As an example I had a TA Lt Col who ignored requests to get his PULHEEMS for four years, when he wasn't getting paid he found the time that week to get it done, funny that?

    Bottom line, keep your admin up to date and then you will not get nasty letters.
  8. Letterwriting man, I'll have to disagree with you on that point. Med centers compile/file/administrate/report all thing medical, the unit may pass on this info to higher powers in some form of reporting but its the med center that physically check Fmed4s including medicals/jabs/biff states/ etc

    If you're out of date for a pulhheems or jabs (You must have experienced the pre op vaccination queues) these occur because med center admin is arrse and playing massive catch up.

    You suggest they perform those medicals then pass the info up the line, I would suggest that the only way those medicals get done (the blue touch paper) is if Pvt/MA/CMT scrote bags actually registers a pulhheems is required while regularly and conscientiously administrating his lot and gets it booked it and done in a timely manner ie before some number cruncher up the line starts squealing.

    But a minor point really, bottom line is if most blokes wanted to work in an office they would have joined Norwich union, strange animals that join the forces to push paper, how do people end up there is it "Army lite" for those bullied at school?

    Sorry not really adding anything to the debate

    Time for tea

  9. My point is that these letters were the first point of contact that updating was required, had these guys and girls recieved phone calls or other letters and had not responded then fair enough.
  10. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    FFS! When the fukc did you go through training? <shakes head in disbelief>
  11. Surely if you are out of date for jabs or pulheems it's your admin which is up your arrse? We all know that we require vaccinations and medicals at regular intervals so should be able to maintain our own medical fitness. Gone are the days of vaccination parades and ordering soldiers to attend medical's up to you to sort yourself out.

    It is impossible for medical staff to chase everyone and most units won't even let the med centre know if you are deployed or even posted. So take some personal responsiblity for your own health. All it takes is a quick phone call once a year to ensure you stay up to date and booking a medical every five years from your 30th birthday. Not very much work really??
  12. says who? since when did we become the experts on what we require medically?

    we have medical appointments, physio, dental etc appear on Part 2s every day. if a soldier doesn't turn up, his SSM is informed.

    all the med centre have to do is supply the appointments each day, and let the army discipline system assist if necessary.

    it's not hard. your post seems to be making excuses for a bit of laziness at med centre level. ;)

    as for your sweeping statement that "most units won't even..." blah blah. i find that very surprising. most units have clearance chits, so when someone is posted they clear with every man and his dog - including the med centre. i'm not naive, of course the odd person f*cks off without clearing properly. but the vast majority do - it's too much of a pain in the arrse when they catch up with you at your next unit.
  13. FFL nurse I'm sorry but you are severely deluded or in a different army. (Probably the TA)

    When are you next due your yellow fever, polio, hep A, hep B (if neccesary) diptheria etc, do you hold a copy of your vaccination status? (you must be adult then)

    Now go and ask a company of Toms the same question.

    Hows your personal weapon at the moment, is it due a service/maintenance..............You don't know, well ask your unit armourer he'll probably tell you ITS HIS JOB

    If you are a nurse you fulfill my stereotypical impression of most forces nurses who appear to believe they are civvies have civvy rights and should be treated like a person not a horrible number but mainly have only a tenuous grip on the reality of forces life and the people around them.

    I bet you call all Doctors by their christian names at every opportunity,

    nurses give me feelings of warmth towards clerks, get pregnant, F_CK off

  14. thanks gimp. you were as harsh as i wanted to be :)

    i'm just too polite for my own good.
  15. Yes I know when all my vaccinations are due and my medicals for that matter. How stupid of me to believe that a persons health should somehow be important to them and that they should therefore take some responsiblity for same??? And of course keeping up with the times I think you will find that issues like informed consent, confidential treatment and clinical governance have changed/is changing the way the AMS do business.

    Your comparing health status with the state of your personal weapon seems slightly odd? Soldiers are not equipment much as the Army may make you feel that way at times.

    And yes I am a grown up but I have had several conversations with SNCOs who turn up the day before they deploy and are surprised that they are not ready for deployment. I know the Army often stiffs you at the last minute for a tour but common sense dictates that as soon as you know you are off somewhere you should let the Med Centre know. They can then tell you what you need and book appts, order vaccines etc.