Threads locked, threads missing? Whats going on?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TheLordFlasheart, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering why certain threads have been locked and removed? If the moderator involved would care to have the common courtesy to give a reason why a thread was removed from the know, the part of this website that actively encourages would be most welcome.
    If it was due to the thread breeching site rules then that is a fair one.
    If it was because either of the pugilists involved complained, again that’s a fair call.
    If it was because one or two posts breeched the site rules, have moderators lost the ability to just delete or edit the offending posts? Ie - moderate correctly.

    What is the purpose of the uber moderator function?

    Is it to be a 'roving moderator' to ensure the site is safe from spam and blondebint in the dark hours? Or is it a function to allow certain people to flex what little power they have and also demonstrate poor judgement?

    I fully expect this thread to be locked/deleted/sent to Admin and Evidence. I would also like to think that an explanation is given.
  2. Just to clarify;

    Posting Standards
  3. Any threads in particular that have been deleted Lord Flashheart?
  4. Yes, one from last night to be precise. The usual slag fest which is the mainstay of any website but more over, the NAAFI bar. It was removed straight to the bin as opposed to at least being moved to the Arrsehole. Yet again, no explanation given. Fair do's if a thread is binned from Current Affairs as that is the serious part but not a jolly good scrap from the NAAFI.
  5. yes it was removed, maybe because it was bone no need to quote standards thank you.
  6. Surely bone boring = arrsehole not full deletion.

    if bone boring threads all got deleted there'd only be 6 left on this whole site.

  7. CC, I was hoping you at least would not be the one to come across with the 'DS' answer. I didn't realise that moderators now have a subjective yardstick for deciding what is bone and what is not. Judging by the amount of replies on the thread in the short space of time it was up, I would suggest most did not view it as a 'bone and boring' thread.

    I think I do need to 'quote standards' as it is clear some mods do not abide by them.
  8. read my reply i said maybe..not that i did remove it
  9. I guessed you didn't. You are usually a fair and consistant moderator. ;)

    You have learned well my young Padawan........may the force be with you....
  10. :toilet:
  11. The thread was dog shi.te but no different from the rest of the dribble in the naafi at present however there was a complaint made by one of the Doris involved.

    Flash put your big wooden spoon away and come & shite on me t.its.
  12. I'll shite on your tits later.

    From what I can gather, neither Doris objected to the thread and both activley added to it.

    It may well have been dribble but it was fun. The question was, why not send it to the Arrsehole?

    It seems some moderators still havent twigged that if they just delete a thread (especially if it is one that has not breeched site rules or is not obvious why) without giving a reason, ten threads pop up asking where the fuck the original went. Some should stick to doing what they do best. Straightening chairs and handing out hymn books.
  13. I admit that it's quite frustrating to come into work, of a morning, and find three or four threads all asking about and chatting about a deleted thread.

    Especially when the deleted one sounds far more interesting than the others that crop up because of its deletion.

    If Moody and the Slug (which I'm guessing are the two people in this case) say that they want the thread back, can it be re-instated or has it been completely deleted?

  14. The uber mod will not be swayed by all accounts, despite being shown they are in the wrong and made a bad judgement call. I don't think his principles will allow him to put his hand up and say 'fair one, bad call'.

    Would be nice if some minerals were shown once in a while.
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