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Is it just me?

I read other boards and find threads in those areas that address meaningful issues... but here it all appears to be fluff.

Is it really all form and no function... just decoration, decorum and personal career advancement?

Where is the passion for leadership and the thirst for duty?

Just to inform prior to being exposed... I am not nor have been a commissioned officer; only an ex- RE WO2, I had an enjoyable career but I was happy to leave some 8 years ago. I now hold a good degree and I am Chartered... but my eldest son now serves in the ranks and my youngest is considering a commission so I have a "current" interest...

Chaps... what I read here hardly inspires... I'd love to hear your views.

(BTW The thread about Risk Aversion actually brought my attention to the view that it was one of the few meaningful threads that I have read on this board.)
It´s not just you, you´re right, this board is full of useful info like where to get bespoke regimental boxers shorts made, where to find future wives, where to take them for dinner and oh, does my bum look big in this? But for me, part of the charm of Arrse is that it extends the inane banter of the officers mess to the web, and for a long retired ex-officer like myself, reading it is like watching Big Brother: mindless, comforting and addictive.

You´ll find all the grown up officer stuff on the JSCSCS and Staff Officer College thingy Board - a place I avoid on the web, as I did during my distinguished military career.
Is it perhaps that most of us find this an amusing diversion and do the real work and answer the difficult questions out there in 'the real world'?

What do you expect to find here?
I get enough 'meaningful issues' at work to last me a life time. This place is a welcome breath of fresh air and long may it remain so. Fluff away chaps!

IMHO discussing things such as "leadership" or tactical doctrine etc really isn't best done on the web or in these forums, hence why you'll find most of my posts are an extension of the kind of tank park banter and sqn bar chat's which make the job so enjoyable.

Serious issues, apart from those which affect all soldiers alike, are probably best left to coffee at 10am - I know that's when I get the most "work" done in the day!
Must concur with the others, sapper_steve. We get forcefed the philosophy of leadership and the moral component from the day we enter Sandhurst. Why would we want to talk about it when we're goofing off the work we ought to be doing already?

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