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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by diggerdaddy, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. ATM = Arse to Mouth
  2. Muhahahahaa ur a funny one arnt u
  3. Uhm. Yes.

    Why do you laugh like that?
  4. He laughs like the he the Emperor?
  5. Do you have pics?
  6. Yes thanks why lol do you
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  7. Absolutly. I just ask, so we can see if you are doable.....or going the wrac arrse way
  8. to see if i am doable..... Humph
    And what is the WRAC arrse way exactly please enlighten me
  9. Well of course we need to make sure you aren't some fat heffer with piss flaps that go down to your knees.

    WRAC arrse is what wenches appear to sign out shortly after they join up........for some reason wench squaddies get a huge arrse.
  10. Well arnt you just a bundle of joy, I am neither of those things thank you very much.
    Are you a serving member of the forces or do you just come here to be a male shovanistic pig
  11. Nice reply happysnapper, in the mould of ARRSE.
  12. You will soon realise that many of the people on this forum are both!
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  13. Thanks, Yes i can quite imagine they are but if i WAS a fatty with so called piss flaps that go down to my knees whould i hostely be going to join the army, nope i would be heading for my local mc donalds lol

    Some people amuse me lol
  14. Well, ARRSE has gotta check.

    Now, about those pics...
  15. go take a look im not bothered