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Hello Hound. Well firstly you may want to think about getting some form of education. I would pay particular attention to English Language and Physical Education. Then I would go on a diet. Then, when I have learned to form a coherent sentence and can walk 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes, I may think about applying to join. Hope this helps.
I know I have to be around the 10.30 mark,I was just wanting to know if I should apply now because of the waiting times.For those of you saying go on a diet I am but I think the fact I was a heavy smoker is more of a reason I am unfit than weight( I am 14 and a half stone).I think I have done well to get up to the distance in a few weeks before it took me a good few months to do the same.
What utter BS... I am a heavy smoker.... Passed selection with an A! Any other excuse for being a lazy cnut?
Heh heh heh. A piss take if I am not mistaken.
I call WAH!!
When I done my barb test last time I got a good score,I have stopped smoking I was 20-30 a day for a good few years and despite what jamiemufu says it aint a excuse for being a lazy excuse for being lazy is working 50+Hours a week untill a few weeks ago.
We all have to work, what kind of excuse is that? 50 hours realy isn't that much out of the 168 hours a week, so what did you do with the rest of your time? F*ck all i'd guess and You don't have to convince us otherwise because that would just be another excuse to sit on your arrse and do nothing but moan so why don't you stop writing to people on the interweb and do something with your life instead of talking about it.

P.S Doesn't matter i cant be arsed.....
This is a load of shib shab.

Hound... your shib shab.



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So Hound, you've just coughed to breaking the Working Time Directive on a regular basis. Care to dob your employer in?

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