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Thread subscription

Out of the blue I have just received notification of replies to threads.Not asked for or wanted.Is it just me?
I have deleted all the threads from my account.
What happened?


Book Reviewer
I am having millions of these sent to me, and I don't want any of them. I would assume its in 'account options' or something, but I'm chin straped from a nightshift and will do it later.

Unless the site's bollocksed and everyone's got it suddenly...
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Still getting them.Very odd.Can we please sort it!
My wife and I have very different senses of humour,she does not get "mens" humour.
Think as Command_doh says you have to do it yourself. You need to go to Settings, then general settings and change the Default Thread Subscription mode to whatever you want in the drop down menu.


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Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
the system has started to send emails when you add a post to a thread then someone comes in afterwards. It seems to be putting on an automatic 'Notify me' when you post on a thread.

Just started recently for me.
I tried altering it in my general settings, but I still have ******* 22 Emails today from Arrse about threads that I don't want. Not funny.
I've just started getting the e-mails and checked my Subscriptions. I've found that I'm subscribed to 60 threads. Its news to me. When I go to delete them, I get the message. "Invalid Path. If you've used a valid path, please notify an admin."

I've got three e-mails off ARRSE whilst writing this.

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