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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Has anybody noticed that there is a trend cropping up? It's posters who wishing to show their intellectual superiority respond to threads with comment's like "non story yawn" If it interest's you that little why respond at all? you smug cnut's.

    Rant to the HOLE with the rest of my dribble.
  2. "non story yawn"

    Have I just been waaaahed?
  3. It can be annoying but you need to be aware of who posts it and what the subject is related to. You may find that some 'news items' are non stories to those in the know. For example, the recent media coverage of Harry 'failing' a ground school test on his pilots course.

    'yawn, non story' comments should at least be followed up with a qualifier as to why its a non story otherwise it just looks like Sven has infected the site with his self-opinionated, pseudo-intellectual, smug-cuntedness.
  4. I agree, I can't stand those that tell you you are wrong/dull/boring etc but don't actually explain why you are wrong, or at least why they think you are wrong.
  5. Well, you're wrong there. :wink:
  6. Sorry, to make myself a little clearer, "non story yawn". I think this because I don't need you coming along telling me I'm a smug cnut for trying to show my own self perceived intellectual superiority in regard your dull non story thread.

    Bah, I've been had again, haven't I?