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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Herrumph, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Isn't it time the site stopped automated thread creation by the MoD?

    It clutters up the site and makes it difficult to quickly see what really sparks interest in the community.

    Plus most of the feeds are crap (comment added just in case mods throw thread into NAAFI)
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  2. I enjoy them. I like to hear how a type 42 has stopped a Peruvian fisherman stealing 7 British crabs.
  3. My favourites are the RAF getting up in the morning to go to work.
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  4. The classic RAF Regt patrol around an airfield , exclusive pics here
  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    If they bother you that much just put it on "ignore"
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  6. He's not Greenslime, you know!

    P.S. I'd be obliged if one of the few members who doesn't feature on that dull twats ignore list could quote me.
  7. How would I ever know if an RAF chef's cooked anything today if we got rid of the MOD feed?
  8. It gives employment to the unemployable - surely you wouldn't begrudge them that?
  9. Maybe we should start a NAAFI RSS feed. I.E Camp Bike gets her hoop filled with 3 gallon of **** that it has to extracted by mechanical botty pump....
  10. The RAF?
  11. Happy to help.
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  12. "Ahem!"

    Having the MOD post accurate and timely stuff on this forum helps to give it some credability!

    Let's face it, there are some days when members here sink to such depths of depravity, or just post such rubbish. That anyone reading this site for the first time wouldn't think it had anything at all to to with the Army.

    Well, for those with inside knowledge depravity is never far away from a squaddy's mind. But let's keep that a bit quiet from the world at large.
  13. I like BAe delivering quality at agreed price in cooperation with the MOD... bugger, need new glasses...