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This is the second time I've tried to post video clips in the video sticky thread at the top. Both times my post has been re-directed to the general forum. Not my fault. :?
Chico's book while having some good info is more of a coffee table book. Lots of nices piccies!

Agree with the Tabory books plus "Fly-fishing the Saltwater Shoreline" by Ed Mitchell. Highly relevant stuff in there for UKSWFF.
Good flytying books are "Innovative Saltwater Flies" and "Saltwater Flies of the Northeast". Both have a lot of patterns relevant to the UK plus lots more for the travelling angler. Bob Pop's book is a must have for using epoxy, forget Tuffleye!, IMHO and Clousers book has a few good bits especially about handling bucktail, tying weighted eyes etc but not much else. Books by Ken Abrahms are worth a read, some good dressings in them like Ray's Fly plus he ties some gorgeous flatwings.

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