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Losing the appeal means she’s failed to have the original conviction and subsequent sentence set aside (or whatever the clever arse term is). The court now decides to either uphold the original sentence or modify it up or down.

Whichever of those 3 options the court takes, she REMAINS a CONVICTED common criminal.

Which is nice.
Copied from the BBC link earlier.

However the 10-week suspended sentence she received in November was reduced to community service.
Judge Deborah Taylor and two magistrates ruled this should amount to 80 hours - a reduction from the 200 hours she was originally ordered to complete.

I think this really makes a mockery of the system. Someone in a public position of power and gets a sentence like this.
Others get jail for stuff they post on twitter or facebook as it is deemed offensive.
BBC Quote:..
"Ms Webbe should now resign so the people of Leicester East can get the representation they deserve."
Any person with a shred of integrity would offer up his/her resignation.
Shows the character of this far(?)
Given she is a victim of The White Man's Law she has very good grounds to claim asylum in Chad, Mali, Haiti or if all else fails Zimbabwe ? Claim single ticket on her last HoC expenses?


Here she is thinking she is intelligent by asking questions about Beroos .
Got stumped when asked a question back :-D


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I will let fellow ARSSER's draw their own conclusions as to how they think the voting goes in this constituancy.

Vote early and vote often?
I should imagine a recall petition will take place as Labour want the seat back.Politically,Leicester East is an utter cesspit driven by corruption.Rotten councillors,a mayor who is a geriatric and a convicted criminal for an MP. I have the misfortune to live on the boundary and am thus represented by Webbe.Apart from being a convicted criminal I also consider her to be a racist who's main intention is to spread division and hate in society.

I wonder who the next candidate will be?

Being guilty of vote-rigging, buying votes and religious intimidation has never stopped anyone, Tower Hamlets being a case in point


I would hazard a guess she will soon be following the same route as her predecessor the odious Keith Vaz :rage:

You might be onto something there.

Could we be about to see the start up of V.W. domestic appliance repairs?

Oh I say! I understand that they fly from that spiffing Croydon airfield which on average has 2 flights per day and is the marvel and envy of the world. Incredible. Air travel is the future, mark my words.


Pfff. Dreadful place

Southampton for decent chaps
Paradise, compared to the Roundshaw Estate they built on it... with the exception of Farman Way, naturally, a veritable oasis within a concrete jungle :-D

I remember scaffolding poles and kitchen sinks dropped off balconies and walkways, I also remember well when we nicked the main dealer on the estate, in Instone Close, while I was on the SPG. It was a surveillance job so we were all in rag-order when we heard a conversation about him leaving the flat to buy a gun, so we stopped watching and nicked him and his two bodyguards before turning his flat over.
While we were searching it there was a knock on the door and the gun dealer was there asking for 'Dave', the man in question, as he had got bored waiting and was late taking his family out for an anniversary meal so he had brought around a selection, and some video recorders his son had nicked, all downstairs in his car, along with the missus and his son . He didn't twig that our skipper, who he was talking to, was a copper. "Dave ain't 'ere, we've taken over, but show us your stuff." He did, and we nicked him and his wife for the firearms and the son for eight burglaries.
I think he went away for about three times longer that the estate drug lord after his missus did a deal with the prosecution. It wasn't his day.

A real sh1thole estate, that.

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