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If I recall, BCO is fairly adamant that nothing gets deleted. Unlike MS or other forums, ARRSE comes in some ways closer to a historical archive than other forums.

I would also be strongly against any locking of threads other than those identified as pure oxygen thievery. We have a strong community with a common bond which many other sites don't have, and as people join the site, old threads may be of relevance to them and they may have something to contribute.

Even at that, the fact a thread from 2009 about snow is showing on latest threads shows the timeless value of the site.

Bare in mind as well that if you were to decide a thread had run its course and lock it or delete it, someone would just start another when the need arose, duplicating content almost.

I think ARRSE stands head and shoulders above the rest and the threads should be retained and accessible with the ability to add to.

ETA: See? This thread had ran it's course and is now alive and kicking. The irony. :)

What happened to Sluggy's dog journal thread then?
The thread about the sad blood biker with the tin rack> He had nothing what-so-ever at all to do with the Awol thread or having it removed folks.
So who was it then?
ARRSE loves an outraged lynch mob.
Let's cyber bully them.
Equipment procurement threads are a good example of long running threads that maintain their relevance over time. The ones that have long gaps between posts are also often the ones that happen to stay on topic and have the most civil debate. Discussion tends to be driven by news and when there is no news they may go dormant for months at a time.

As an example I started a thread on new fighter jets for Canada in June of 2017. It has 642 posts, the most recent post was in July. It may remain dormant for a few more months until there is more news. When there is something relevant though, then the people following the thread know it will come up in their alerts. Based on the project schedule I expect the thread may continue to run into the early 2030s, assuming that ARRSE and the rest of us are still around by then.
Into the 30s, you are an optimist.


So who was it then?
ARRSE loves an outraged lynch mob.
Let's cyber bully them.
Bollocks to that Stacks, I’d like to really bully them, from behind, with a baseball bat (which I conveniently found this weekend in France, but then promptly lost again).

@Arte_et_Marte knows why I have a false front tooth as does, I think, @thefairmaidofperth and I’m happy for either of them to tell the story as it has nothing as all to do with this esteemed website and is nothing more than a playground fight delayed a couple of decades and one in which I got seven bells kicked out of me.... BUT.... I got involved because, no matter what the odds, when your family are being threatened and abused, you JUST have to act, there is no third option.

Do I regret it happened? Yes, definitely. Would I do the same thing tomorrow? Yes definitely.

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