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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by HE117, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know a source for taps & dies for Enfield threads?

    As RSAF Enfield was set up before screw threads were standardised, the little tinkers just did their own thing..!

    I have found this Threads for Lee Enfield Rifle

    Which could be really useful, however the table does not give the thread form...!

    Does anyone know what it is/was - I suspect it is 55 degree Whitworth, but looking at the end of my Parker Hale rod (which has an Enfield thread the same as the MH clearing rod!) the thread form looks pretty rounded...

    I think there was an EMER about this to cover legacy weapons - anyone know?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Before the No1 Mk111 I am no real help!
  3. Capt. (Retired) Laidler at Warminster is yer man on EMERs.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    he cant still be alive, I heard he was poop deck gunner on the ark!
  5. Not sure if Enfield threads are included here: Fastener Index Useful site anyway.
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  6. Have you used a thread gauge to identify the characteristics of the threads you are interested in?
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  7. Go to the Enfield page at; Peter Laidler and most of the world's leading Enfield collectors/authorities are members of that forum. The Enfield screw forms are often discussed in the threads, and there are members who can reproduce them.

    There may be an article about the Enfield screw threads in the knowledge base: Milsurps - United Kingdom Milsurp Knowledge Library
  8. Chaps,

    Thanks for the feedback.. The link to the thread forms does not have Enfield, but has lots of others...

    The Milsurp forum came up with the answer.. the thread is not Whitworth 55 degree or UNF 60 degree - it is apparently 49 degree 40 min (WTF!)!

    It is also clear from MILSURP that Enfield taps and dies are like like unicorn poo.. so don't lose any screws when you dismantle your SMLE...
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you do I have some spares!

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  10. If you really want them you can order any tap or die. can be a little pricey. A quick google pops these chaps up in Birmingham - bet they've made them before. Contact T-Tech Tooling Birmingham B14 4JZ 0121 430 3399 Threading Technology

    Alternatively, for cleaning up then a good jobbing engineer should be able to thread cut a piece of silver steel, grind a clearance on two sides and then harden it. Might not be cheaper than a proper one mind by the time he's mucked about grinding thread tools to the right angle. This could in theory then be used to make a die but probably easier to threadcut new bolts.

    No I don't want to do them for you! :)
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I know a couple of shooting Toolmakers from wendesbury who have made shit like this before!

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  12. That's OK mate... don't worry!

    I class myself as a bit of a "jobbing engineer" meself... As you say, taps are reasonably easy to make from silver steel... it is the dies that are a bit of a bugger.. and it is a die you need to remanufacture screws..!

    As I understand it, you make a tap then use it to cut a die, which then needs to be properly heat treated.. looks like a muffle furnace may be this winter's workshop project..!

    ... hence my interest in the thread form! - Don't know if I can get my Quorn to grind a 49 degree 40 min single point tool!
  13. 49 deg 40 min? What's that in new money?
  14. eh....

    882.84 mils (i think...)

  15. If you can turn a tap you can turn a screw. What are you trying to achieve?