Thousands of Voters swindled in Local Elections

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Not all bad news 'jon'...
    ''The ERS analysis suggested that if May's results are repeated in a parliamentary election, Labour would lose 150 out of its 200 most marginal seats, denying them control of the Commons and reducing the number of their MPs to the lowest level since Michael Foot led them to defeat in 1983.

    There is evidence that voters are now voting tactically to defeat Labour, by backing either a Tory or a Liberal Democrat, depending on which has the better chance of winning in their area. ''
  2. So glad you excused Northern Ireland from decent honest elections
  3. "Vote early and vote often."
  4. There was no swindling of votes on the scale the ERS claim happned in local elections.

    The whole Indy article is based on the ERS spin that first past the post = bad, and proportional representation = good.

    What they're talking about is nothing to do with any form of fraud or dishonesty, just the natural problems which occur when FPTP is used, and what is carefully left out is anything about the expected problems that would arrise if PR was used across the country.
  5. LABOUR means... lies, deceit, spin,statistics and more damned lies.
  6. When I was in Guyana [a third world country] the vote system was so corrupt even the dead were voting -- now its happening here.

    Another thing which struck me whilst there was the inability to flush toilets due to water supply interuption. Now if Mayor Livingstone has his way we'll all be sporting an unflushed bog or two.

    Then there was Aden -- ladies in purdah and sheeps and goats in the street. Well, we've got the ladies in purdah now, and a quck shout of 'Imshi Yallah!' in a certain market in London works wonders. We haven't got the goats and sheep yet......yet......

    In the words of Harry Enfield, 'L is for Labour, L is for Lice.' Mind you the PM's Mrs could do purdah or a burqa justice.
  7. Somebody from Guyana must have been visiting Northern Ireland and took home some knacky notions about how to get the result you want in elections the Obituary Columns have long been part of the voters friend in NI a sort of codicil to the electoral rolls.